No plan to start vaccinations in beaches, squares, health ministry says


Greece’s Health Ministry said there is no plan to start conducting vaccinations at beaches and squares in early July, as claimed by one of its officials earlier on Wednesday.

“At this stage, Operation Freedom [the name of the vaccination campaign] is not considering a beach vaccination plan,” the ministry said.

Speaking at a briefing from Crete, the ministry’s General Secretary of Primary Healthcare, Marios Themistokleous, said that “operationally, there is the possibility at this time to vaccinate outside vaccination centers … even in large squares or beaches to vaccinate young people.”

The ministry, however, does plan to start conducting home vaccinations as of next week, in a separate program that was approved on Wednesday. 

According to the latter, doctors will register their participation so that the citizens living in remote areas who were unable to get their shots can get in touch with them and arrange to be vaccinated.