Poll finds concern about Covid varients


Most people are concerned about coronavirus variants and about half are in favor of compulsory vaccination for groups of workers with extensive contact with the public, an opinion poll has found.

Conducted by Pulse on behalf of the private broadcaster SKAI, the poll found 60% of citizens are concerned about Covid-19 mutations.

Of those respondents who have not yet had a vaccine, 40% said that they intended to get one while 36% said they would not.

Just over a fifth (21%) of those who have not been vaccinated said they would “probably not” get one.

About half 49% said vaccination should be mandatory for some groups of workers with extensive contact with the public.

When asked what kind of restrictions would prefer to see if visiting an indoor restaurant or café, 37% of respondents said they would like a space reserved for vaccinated people only, without any other restrictive measures, while 21% would opt for a mix of measures and restrictions.