Abusive father and police officer ‘boyfriend’ of 19-year-old woman facing prosecutor


The father and police officer “boyfriend” of a 19-year-old woman who has accused them of rape and the latter of sexual exploitation are to face an Athens prosecutor on multiple criminal charges on Tuesday.

The pair were arrested late on Saturday after the 19-year-old turned up looking battered and bruised at her local coffee shop in the eastern Athens suburb of Ilioupoli and was encouraged by a waitress to seek help.

After hiding in the coffee shop’s storeroom until the police responded to the waitress’s call, the 19-year-old told investigators that she had been kept against her will in a nearby apartment by her “boyfriend,” a police officer who had abused, tortured and forced her into prostitution, pimping her out on “dating” sites, since she moved in with him earlier this year. A trip to the coffee shop was, apparently, the only unattended outing the 39-year-old police officer allowed.

The teenager also told investigators that she moved in with the 39-year-old to get away from her father, who had been raping her since she was at least 11 years old.