ICUs under pressure with 346 intubated patients 


Intensive care units remained under pressure on Wednesday with the number of intubated patients with Covid-19 reaching 346, while deaths jumped to 47, bringing the total death toll from the disease to 13,743.

The transmission rate of the coronavirus remained at high levels, albeit lower than Tuesday, with the number of new confirmed cases reaching 2,871, down from 3,628.

The recent trend had been predicted by experts, who had warned that the return of people from their summer vacations would be accompanied by an increase in virus transmissions and the number of hospital admissions.

Authorities said that 95.3% of the people that died due to the coronavirus on Wednesday had underlying conditions and/or were aged 70 years and older, while the vast majority of intubated patients (84.7%) have underlying conditions and/or are over 70 years old.