New measures from Monday for unvaccinated


Indoor areas at entertainment venues including cinemas, restaurants, and bars will be off limits to unvaccinated customers without a negative Covid-19 test result issued in the previous 48 hours under new measures that go into force on Monday. 

THe government hopes the new measures will stem the spread of the disease while facilitating economic and social activity. 

The focus of the measures is indoor activities that will resume normal activity, such as stadiums, cinemas and theatres but also workplaces, restaurants, shows, gyms and travel.

At the same time, the government wants to ensure freedom of movement for those who have been vaccinated. 

For employees, the measures include: 

  • Unvaccinated workers across the private and public sectors must undergo a rapid test once a week, which can be conducted at private diagnostic centers at a cost of €10 per test
  • Unvaccinated teachers and employees in tourism, catering, television, film, theater, music and dance will have to undergo two rapid tests per week, which can be conducted, at their expense, at private diagnostic centers at a cost of €10 per test
  • An employer has the legal right to know if his or her employees are vaccinated. They are also obliged to confirm the validity of the negative test certificate of unvaccinated employees. Employers will use the government’s Covid Free App to scan employees’ digital vaccination certificates.

For schoolchildren and third-level students, the measures include:

  • Unvaccinated schoolchildren must take two free self-tests a week
  • Unvaccinated students must take two laboratory tests per week, at the student’s expense (10 euros)
  • Unvaccinated travelers over the age of 12 must take a rapid test 48 hours before the trip, while children aged 5 to 12 years old must take a self test

Other measures:

  • Only those who have been vaccinated and those who have symptoms will be able to take free tests in public facilities
  • Only those who have been vaccinated or have a certificate confirming that they had had the disease will be allowed enter indoor spaces in restaurants and entertainment centers
  • Stadiums (outdoor and indoor) will be open to the vaccinated and those who can confirm that they already had the virus.
  • Theaters, cinemas, museums: Unvaccinated patrons can enter them if they provide a rapid test taken within the previous 48 hours. The operators of such venues may choose to limit access to vaccinated/those who had the virus (at 100% capacity) or operate for mixed audiences (but at reduced capacity)
  • Indoor gyms will be open to vaccinated and those who can confirm that they already had the virus. Unvaccinated patrons must present a negative rapid test taken within the previous 48 hours
  • Masks must be worn in all indoor and outdoor areas where there are gatherings of people.