Lesvos man convicted for attack on migrant worker


A man from Lesvos who assaulted a supermarket employee after he asked him not to park his car at a space reserved for people with disabilities was sentenced to seven years in prison, without suspension.

The court in Chios rejected the 31-year-old man’s request for a fourth postponement of his trial and unanimously convicted him in absentia of all charges: causing grievous bodily harm and possession and use of a weapon.

According to the court report, the attack occurred on December 8, 2018, when 49-year-old Esman Udin, a migrant from Bangladesh who has been living in Lesvos for the past 10 years, asked the accused not to leave his car on a disabled parking space. The accused claimed that the remark insulted his female companion, got out of his car and hit Udin repeatedly with a crow bar that he took out of his car. 

He then fled the scene while passers-by transferred the victim to the local hospital where he was treated for fractured bones. 

The perpetrator was arrested after officers identified him on the supermarket’s CCTV cameras.