Justice Minister insists anti-racism bill is going to become law

The strain that the anti-racism bill has put on the coalition was abundantly clear on Friday, as Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis told Parliament he felt slighted by the behavior of some government colleagues who appear to be holding up the legislation.

“The bill against racism and xenophobia is not being withdrawn,” insisted Roupakiotis, who has yet to submit the draft legislation for public consultation. On Thursday, government general secretary Panayiotis Baltakos said the bill was being reviewed, only a few hours after Justice Ministry sources suggested it was ready.

Roupakiotis, affliated with Democratic Left, expressed frustration with the bill’s treatment. “I do not know what some statements aim to achieve,” he said. “Statements driven by public relations interests not only insult us but fail to help realize the decision taken by the prime minister and two other coalition leaders for the bill to pass.”