Flame to pass by Bataclan, Shoah Memorial, Paris mayor says

The Olympic flame will pass by the site of the 2015 Islamist attack on the Bataclan concert hall as well as the Shoah Memorial as it makes its way through Paris in July ahead of the 2024 summer Games, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Tuesday. “This torch is a message of peace, a message […]

Paris 2024 Olympics torch lit in ancient Olympia

The torch for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games was lit in ancient Olympia in a traditional ceremony on Tuesday, marking the final stretch of the seven-year preparations for the Games’ start on July 26.

Olympic Flame lighting ceremony to take place on April 16

The Olympic Flame lighting ceremony ahead of the Paris Olympic Games will take place at the ancient site of Olympia on April 16 in a public event that will be televised live around the world, according to the program announced on Thursday.

Olympic Torch costumes split public opinion

What are the adjectives that should describe every new creative interpretation of ancient Greek culture? Must it be “simple yet elegant,” “abstract” or “figurative”? Can it be “fresh”? Can it be “contemporary”?

Athens games promote Paris Olympics

Schoolchildren jump up in the air during a flashmob at the Panathenaic Stadium, host of the first modern Olympics, in Athens on Thursday.