27.11.2020 / 09:11

The painting is a feast of colors and allegories – the body of the Homeric hero shines under the light as he places three flowers on his bird cage-for-a-head. The ancient philosopher, dressed in a green tunic, is carrying three fish in his hand.

18.11.2020 / 21:50

Dimitra Piangou decided to take her own life on the same day that she was served at work with a court order instructing her that both her business and her home were being put up for auction. “My entire existence disappeared that same night,” she says.

05.11.2020 / 22:34

The Greeks of Istanbul have learned not to talk about politics too much. Some don’t like to discuss the present tension between Greece and Turkey at all, others will only whisper about it on the telephone and even those that will talk are guarded.

02.10.2020 / 11:02

Two investigations }are under way to determine whether management or staff at a nursing home in Asvestochori, east of Thessaloniki, where 26 residents died after being infected with the coronavirus, should be held accountable for the tragedy.