Commentators, politicians and experts on opposite sides of the debate concerning an agreement reached by the Greek Culture Ministry for the eventual return from the US of 161 Cycladic artifacts, at least agree on one point: that the procedure is unprecedented.

23.06.2022 / 15:00

The Acropolis Hill in Athens, an ancient citadel located on a rock above the city and one of the country’s most visited ancient sites, will get a new, high-tech security system for real-time monitoring of the area, after the country’s top archaeological body approved the replacement of the existing, old network of cameras.

09.06.2022 / 16:29

The Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Athens and the Academy of Athens on Wednesday signed a cooperation agreement that paves the way for a radical overhaul of Akadimia Platonos, a 135,000-square meter recreational park and archaeological site in western Athens that was the site of Plato’s Academy.

18.03.2022 / 21:54

In 1922, Giannis Soumelidis received information from a friend enlisted in the Turkish Army. The content of this message and its exact date remain unknown but, acting on the information, Soumelidis and his family abandoned their work as innkeepers at Larachani in the Pontus region and moved away.

11.03.2022 / 10:23

The removal and relocation of antiquities found in the second phase of excavations at the under-construction Venizelou metro station in Thessaloniki was given unanimously approval by the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) at a meeting earlier this week, following a joint presentation by the directorates for classical and Byzantine antiquities, the Directorate of Restoration of Ancient Monuments, and the Directorate for the Restoration of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments.

28.02.2022 / 09:43

The church of Panagia Acheiropoietos in Thessaloniki, the Palaeologan frescoes in the churches of Agia Aikaterini, Agios Nikolaos Orfanos and Profitis Ilias, the Orta mosque in Veria, the central church of Maximianoupolis in Komotini and other important monuments in northern Greece, inscribed on the UNESCO protection list, will be restored within the framework of the Cultural Routes initiative by the Ministry of Culture.

16.02.2022 / 12:31

The Center for Aristotle Studies at the University of Thessaloniki is celebrating its 10th anniversary on February 21 with an international online conference on the work of the great Greek philosopher and his contribution to science.

15.12.2021 / 14:53

In the wake of a demo by anti-vaxxers and Covid-19 deniers on Monday night, which harked back to darker times, notable animator and children’s book illustrator Panagiotis Rappas expressed his sorrow at the burning of a copy of a children’s book that was distributed in schools outlining the dangers of the coronavirus and offering safety advice.

14.12.2021 / 14:47

New lighting, footpaths and shaded resting areas are but some of the ideas put forward in a proposal for improving the visitor experience at the stunning 370 BC site of Ancient Messene in the southwestern Peloponnese.

06.12.2021 / 14:06

King George I of Greece celebrated a decade on the throne in 1876 after the deposition of Otto. The country was in dire economic straits, but, believing that it should not appear to be poor, the monarch ordered 182 gold 50-drachma coins.

01.12.2021 / 06:05

A working group of the Culture Ministry has stressed the need for protection and risk management plans, custom-made for each individual ancient monument, in view of the adverse impact the climate crisis could have on them.

28.11.2021 / 12:16

Greek and foreign experts stressed the importance of protecting and preserving some of the oldest and finest surviving Byzantine Christian mosaics and frescoes of the medieval Greek Monastery of the Church of the Holy Savior in Chora, Istanbul and expressed concern over the decision by the Turkish government last year to convert it into a mosque.

25.11.2021 / 09:00

Ten fragments of the sculptural decoration of the Parthenon will be transferred to the Acropolis Museum from the warehouse of the National Archaeological Museum, where they have been kept until now, after the approval of the Central Archaeological Council (KAS).