I won’t get into the discussion of whether putting Fredi Beleri’s name on the New Democracy ticket for the upcoming European elections would serve the ruling Greek conservative party’s interests; it would, in spades.

19.01.2024 / 14:36

A groundbreaking law that challenges traditional perspectives, particularly on social issues, must first and foremost persuade the majority of citizens about two things: that it is sound and necessary.

23.12.2023 / 14:22

The saying of the late conservative leader Evangelos Averoff is well-known and validated by history. There are few exceptions that confirm the rule: When the sheep leaves the pen, the wolf devours it.

09.12.2023 / 13:24

With two statements – one in the Sunday edition of Kathimerini (November 26) – the former prime minister presented, as he should, his concerns both on national issues and on the issue of marriage for same-sex couples.

08.12.2023 / 21:39

In international politics, it is a fundamental principle that positive relations between states do not stem from threats.

08.11.2023 / 22:26

About a year ago, following a recommendation from the relevant department, the Municipality of Thessaloniki in northern Greece made the decision to uproot several poplar trees located in various parts of the city and replace them with more visually appealing trees.

14.10.2023 / 23:57

This Sunday’s political waltz in the municipal runoff elections in Athens and Thessaloniki will be danced between the ruling conservative New Democracy and socialist PASOK, just like in the good old days.

28.09.2023 / 23:07

I recall the 1970s, a time when many left-leaning individuals who held a sympathetic view toward the Eurocommunism experiment were cautious regarding its Greek representative, the KKE of the Interior.

13.07.2023 / 23:00

A new bill concerning the voting rights of Greeks living abroad is expected to be submitted to Parliament. As is known, a majority of 200 votes is required for the legislative proposal to be ratified.

08.07.2023 / 01:03

Too much controversy has been stirred up by the 12.77 percent won by the three far-right parties – the Spartiates (Spartans), Greek Solution and Niki (Victory) – in the June 25 legislative election. Those who fearmonger either ignore or pretend to ignore the even higher percentages obtained by the far-right in previous elections, such as […]

13.02.2023 / 23:41

I don’t think that any civilized person would disagree with the provision of any form of aid to the earthquake-stricken Turkish and Syrian citizens.