Investigation opens into animal poisoning cases


An investigation was launched on Monday to find the perpetrators behind the deadly poisoning of two black vultures, a spotted eagle and a European wildcat, which were found dead at the weekend in a forest area between the villages of Kornofolia and Dadia in Thrace in northeastern Greece.

The National Forest Park of Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli stated that the the two black vultures were located using the satellite transmitter worn by one of the two birds, while the spotted eagle and the wildcat were found by the poison bait detection unit, with a specially trained dog. The incident was a “huge blow” to the endangered population of the black vulture, with just 30-35 identified in the area in recent years.

The poison used was reportedly so powerful that the animals died before they could leave the area where it was consumed. To identify the toxic substance used and to determine its origin, samples from the dead animals will be sent for toxicological tests.