MRB poll shows 11.9% lead for ND


New Democracy enjoys a lead of 11.9% over main opposition SYRIZA, according to an opinion poll published on Thursday.

Conducted by pollsters MRB for Star TV, the poll found that if an election were held now, 37.8% of the expected valid votes would go New Democracy, followed by 25.9% to SYRIZA, 7.7% to Movement for Change, 5.8% to the Communist Party, 4% to Greek Solution and 3.3% to MeRA25.

The government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis enjoyed a satisfaction rating of 39.9%, compared to 25.1% for the main opposition.

Respondents expressed themselves as sceptical towards the government’s policy announcements at the Thessaloniki Trade Fair, with 58.4% viewing them as “not at all or somewhat effective”, compared to 30.4% who believed they are “more or less” effective.

Regarding the government reshuffle, 50% of respondents viewed it as a move in “more or less in the wrong direction”, compared to 25.1% who saw it is “definitely moving in the right direction.”