Poll finds that vaccination skeptics are driven by fear


Fear of potential side effects is the main reason cited by people who are not planning to get vaccinated against Covid-19, according to a public opinion poll published on Wednesday in which more than half of the skeptics said they will “never” get inoculated against the coronavirus.

On the upside, 72% of respondents said they have received at least one dose of a vaccine, against 11% who have not been vaccinated and have no appointment to do so, and 15% who did not provide an answer.

Carried out by Pulse RC for Skai TV, the survey found that 40% of vaccine skeptics or deniers are concerned about side effects, 19% are reacting to pressure to get inoculated, 16% do not believe the shots to be effective and 11% cited “religious reasons.”

Another 7% claimed not to be concerned about Covid-19, while 5% cited health reasons.