SYRIZA plan criticized as recipe for instability

Tsipras’ talk of ‘tolerance government’ backfiring as Varoufakis proposes ‘Dimitra’ currency

SYRIZA plan criticized as recipe for instability

The scenario of a “tolerance government” alluded to by SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras in his interview on Alpha TV came as a continuation of the whirlwind caused by the “Dimitra” currency program proposed by MeRA25 leader Yanis Varoufakis, who is considered a prospective partner.

A “tolerance government” is seen as a recipe for instability, in the sense that it leaves open the prospect of a government that will not have a majority in Parliament based on a program agreement, but will proceed on the basis of the “tolerance” of a third party.

In any case, the scaremongering about closed banks by Varoufakis blurs the main slogan of the opposition party on progressive governance.

The possibility of post-election cooperation with the former finance minister is backfiring on SYRIZA.

MeRA25 presents itself as the authentic representative of the anti-memorandum movement.

Those in PASOK that were not totally opposed to the coalition of the three appear skeptical now, as they do not want to enter the “frame of Dimitra.”

Tsipras sought to clear the air speaking to Alpha by explaining that SYRIZA, as the winner, will have the first say in the preparation of the program that will constitute the minimum agreement between the parties.

“In no coalition government can the one with 3% or 4% set his terms. It’s a joke,” he said. “Do you think Chancellor Scholz would accept me discussing the prospect of a progressive government in the country if he knew that our goal is to adopt such proposals? I think it’s funny,” he added.

Senior SYRIZA officials, who from the outset dismissed any talk of cooperation with MeRA25, note the satisfaction in ruling New Democracy over the “change of agenda” that Varoufakis has brought.

When asked if he excludes Varoufakis as a partner, Tsipras replied, “I don’t want to exclude anyone in advance.”

“But what I want to emphasize is that there are many ways to support a government, either by having someone in it or by tolerating it,” he stressed. The “government of tolerance” that Tsipras also referred during his interview on Star on April 10 shows that he is now moving in a logic further away from Varoufakis.

Many SYRIZA officials have referred to damage to the party at the eleventh hour.

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