Ministry calls non-compliant universities ‘fiefdoms of lawlessness’

The Education Ministry described Greek universities as “fiefdoms of lawlessness, waste and mismanagement” on Thursday, as the rectors of eight institutions failed to supply it with details of their 4,574 administrative staff, a third of whom must join a so-called mobility scheme.

In a statement issued as a deadline expired for the submission of the details, the ministry said four of the eight universities had sent information “thus breaking the force of the mutiny.”

The four institutions are the Athens University of Economics and Business and the universities of Ioannina, Thessaly and Crete. Officials at those universities said they had sent the names but not the additional information necessary for authorities to evaluate them. Yiannis Mylopoulos, who heads the council of university rectors, said it had not been possible to compile all the information due to an ongoing walkout. “Workers are on strike and such a task requires at least 10 days,” he said.