In-Edit Festival | Thessaloniki | April 19-23

Dedicated to music documentaries, the Barcelona-based In-Edit Festival is dropping anchor at Thessaloniki port’s warehouse complex from April 19 to 23, where, apart from screenings, it will also hold a vinyl market, live concerts and parties.

The planet in focus

Sustainable fashion designer Amy Powney is celebrated in ‘Fashion Reimagined,’ directed by Becky Hutner, which was screened as part of the Geocultura section of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

Thessaloniki doc fest keeping it real

In his 1968 “Don’t Look Back,” Donn Alan Pennebaker gave us a portrait of Bob Dylan that exposed little-known aspects of the legendary American folk singer-songwriter’s character, showing him to be a spiteful, shallow and humorless man as he followed him on tour in the United Kingdom in 1965. In one […]

Athens in the thrall of the Great Idea

The year 1896, following the first modern Olympic Games, was defined by a widespread sense of optimism in Athens, a rather insignificant city of just 130,000.

Ethnofest | Athens | November 24-27

In its 13th edition, the International Ethnographic Film Festival, or Ethnofest (, takes inspiration from that number as a symbol of bad luck.

Ottoman Athens | Athens | November 4 & 5

Documentary filmmaker Maria Iliou, historical consultant Alexander Kitroeff and their team have painstakingly put together a collection of material documenting the Ottoman-to-Neoclassical transformation of the Greek capital.

Beyond Borders | Kastellorizo

Τhe seventh edition of the Kastellorizo International Documentary Film Festival “Beyond Borders” ( starts on August 21 and will run on the southeastern Aegean island through August 28.

‘Gender division is the most fundamental social cleavage’

Laura Roveri will never forget the night she went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a Verona discotheque eight years ago. The 25-year-old ended up half dead in hospital with 15 stab wounds – inflicted by her boyfriend. 

Doc festival explores toll of Russian aggression

The human toll of Russia’s military aggression and Putin’s war on independent journalism are explored in films to be showcased at the upcoming Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (TDF).

Victim groups protest

A joint statement by relatives of the dead, local residents’ groups and those injured in the devastating fire that ripped through the eastern Attica resort of Mati in 2018 has protested against its coverage in the recent screenings of the 2019 documentary “Megafires: Investigating a Global Threat,” by Cosima Dannoritzer and Nicolas Koutsikas.