Young bear injured in road accident returns to wild

A young brown bear that sustained a head injury in a collision with a vehicle last month has been returned to the wild, a wildlife protection organisation has announced. The young bear, named “Glyka” (Sweetness) at the Arcturos wildlife veterinary hospital where she was taken for treatment, made a full recovery after she was hit by a vehicle on October 13.

Cyprus releases endangered vultures to boost population

Conservationists in Cyprus released griffon vultures into the wild on Friday, in the latest attempt to boost a critically endangered population of the scavenger birds. Once thriving, the number of vultures on the east Mediterranean island is the smallest in Europe as accidental poisoning or changing farming techniques have left them short of food.

Baby red panda arrives at Athens zoo

A red panda has been born in Attica Zoological Park in Spata, east of Athens, the park has said. The unnamed two-month old panda, which was presented to the public for the first time last weekend, is still very closely attached to its mother, Jay.

Samaria Gorge to remain closed until Monday

The Samaria Gorge in Crete, which was closed on August 14 following rockslides caused by an earthquake, will remain closed to visitors until Monday, inclusive, authorities said Saturday.

Water temperatures rose up to 5C in heatwave

A warmer-than-usual winter and a two-week heatwave that pushed the thermometer above 40 degrees Celsius on successive days has raised the temperature of Greece’s seas by as much as 5 degrees, a report showed on Saturday.

Forests in need of smarter management

Clearing the accumulated biomass on the forest floor is a first step toward making the country’s woodlands safer and not so fire-prone. But it is not enough, experts claim.

Concrete daisies? There’s a fine for that

On a recent afternoon, Jo Farb Hernández, a Californian folklorist and curator, was admiring the bizarre structure that stood before her near Spain’s border with France.

Snakebite victim expected to make full recovery

A herpetologist who was bitten by a horned viper in Thessaloniki was moved from intensive care into a regular ward on Saturday after being rushed to the northern port city’s Papanikolaou Hospital on March 26 with anaphylactic shock.