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Campaign to salvage traditional fishing boats


An ongoing campaign by Kathimerini, Skai TV and the Traditional Boats Association of Greece, among several other bodies fighting to save the Greek caique, has rallied the support of an important ally, with the Regional Authority of the Southern Aegean launching an online campaign – #savekaikia – to raise public awareness about the issue.



World’s ‘oldest intact shipwreck’ thought to be Greek


The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project Tuesday released this photo, which shows what scientists say is the world’s “oldest intact shipwreck,” thought to be Greek. The 23-meter ship was found last year by an Anglo-Bulgarian expedition which sent a remotely operated vehicle to the bottom of the Black Sea off Bulgaria. Researchers said it is well preserved and appears to have lain undisturbed at a depth of 2 kilometers for 2,400 years. The ship is thought to have been a trading vessel of the type depicted on ancient Greek pottery such as the famous “Siren Vase” in the British Museum. [EPA]