Thirty years after the Berlin Wall, Cyprus' division endures


As the world commemorates 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the bullet-riddled sandstone walls of abandoned, crumbling homes and concrete machine gun nests dotting Cyprus' no man's land serve as a jarring reminder of another divided capital – the world's last – on Europe's southeastern frontier.



Downpour wreaks damage


Heavy rainfall wreaked damage across much of the country on Wednesday, particularly in western Greece and on Crete, where a makeshift road linking the port of Hania to the village of Alikianos collapsed. On Corfu, a downpour led to roads flooding, with the fire service receiving dozens of calls to clear fallen trees and pump out flooded stores and homes. Heavy rain also caused landslides in several areas while power cuts and water supply problems were reported in many parts. [Intime News]