Diaspora fellowship program funded by SNF aims to forge collaborations, stop brain drain

A Greek diaspora band in a picture from the archive of Thanasis Lyberis.

The Museology-Cultural Management Master’s program of the School of Architecture at Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University has been selected to host two Greek diaspora scholars from the United States to work on a collaborative project for the creation of archival resources, research material and identification of exhibits for a future research center and museum on the Greek diaspora and immigration in Greece.

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New app traces German presence in Greece

Architecture fans may be surprised by the sheer number of buildings Greece owes to Ziller, including the National Theater. IOANNA FOTIADI

Few passers-by rushing along Panepistimiou Street know that at one time, the old Mavrokefalos Casino at No 64 wasn’t just somewhere punters headed when they were feeling lucky but also a meeting place for high-ranking German occupation officers with their Greek collaborators during the Second World War.


When you smile, does your child smile back?

Early intervention is critical in the treatment of autism. Recent research suggested that the proper education of parents and the development of appropriate skills by them can lead to significant improvements over time. At the same time experts warn that parents also should be aware that sometimes a child may regress and lose some of the skills they have gained. LINA GIANNAROU

“Does he like to play peekaboo?” “Does he use his index finger to point and ask for something?” “Does he look you in the eye for more than a couple of seconds?” “Does he smile when you smile?” “If you show him a toy on the other side of the room, will he look?” “If you make a face, will your child copy you?”



Archbishop Ieronymos meets refugees at Athens shelter

Archbishop Ieronymos shakes hands with unaccompanied minors during a visit to a shelter for refugees run by the Church of Greece, in Athens Tuesday. Twenty minors are living in the shelter as they wait to be reunited with their families who are spread across Europe. Some 4,000 unaccompanied refugee minors are stranded in Greece after a series of countries in the Balkans and central Europe closed their borders last year. A deal between the European Union and Turkey has curbed the influx of migrants entering the bloc via Greece. [Orestis Panagiotou/EPA]