Subsidy will be returned if crime is confirmed in TV presenter’s case, minister says


The State will request the return of any aid paid during the pandemic if judicial authorities determine that it was claimed illegally, Labor Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said on Thursday, commenting on the ongoing investigation into the financial dealings of a minor television host.

“Mr. Fourthiotis’ file has been submitted to judicial authorities and the State has the right and the obligation, when illegalities are confirmed, to demand its money back,” he said, referring to Menios Fourthiotis, a TV presenter who is under a double investigation into money he allegedly received through the “Syn-Ergasia” social security contribution subsidy program by declaring exorbitant salaries for employees. 

“The ministry has not yet asked for the money he received back,” he continued, as the judicial investigation is ongoing.

Fourthiotis was also at the center of different report recently when it was revealed that he had been assigned a large security detail by the Hellenic Police (ELAS) due to alleged threats against his person.