US, India lead interest in foreign studies programs 


Most foreign students interested in taking a course at a Greek university come from the United States and India, a survey of data from September 2017 to last week by the Study in Greece digital platform has found.

According to the study into the provenance of more than 260,000 users who have logged onto the platform to explore their options for studying in Greece – with the exception of China for which data was not available – 9.4% were in the US, 2.9% were in India and 2.9% were in the United Kingdom. Most were interested in classical studies, followed by medicine. The vast majority of users logged in from Greece.

Greek universities offer a total of 124 courses in a foreign language, most in English. The Education Ministry is seeking to expand on this dynamic, reaching out to institutions in India and Russia, following successful overtures in the UK, the US and China.