PM unveils four-pronged eco-protection strategy

Ahead of the Our Ocean conference in Athens this week, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed that Greece is quietly but methodically playing a leading role in defending itself against dramatic climate change.

Greece’s rivers running dry, lakes disappearing

The sole resident of Kerasia, on Mount Papikio in Rodopi, has been observing the changes to the village’s river since the 1980s. “We used to hear the Aspropotamos roar. Now it’s gone quiet.”

EIB to bolster civil protection in Greece with new €220 mln loan

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has announced it will lend Greece €220 million to help protect it against floods and wildfires, which are occurring more often as a result of climate change, as well as against other natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Expert: Hotter summers are foregone conclusion

The world is getting hotter and humanity will have to shield itself against the new conditions in the coming years, according to Spyros Pandis, professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Patras and researcher at the Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences of the Technology and Research Foundation in Greece (FORTH).

Seven months after Daniel, only mud remains in Vlochos

A series of beautiful, simple houses with roofs that look like those we see in children’s drawings. Open spaces, sun, signs of the coming spring in most fields – some of which still look like small stagnant lakes.

Save seagrass meadows, HCMR study says

If Greece takes steps to stem the destruction of its meadows of Neptune grass (Posidonia oceanica) in the Southern Aegean alone, it could reach 37% of its greenhouse gas emissions absorption target by 2030, a study spearheaded by the Hellenic Center for Marine Research has found.

Plan to prevent Thessaly desertification

The problems posed by climate change are being experienced first-hand in Greece, with scientists raising the alarm that the central region of Thessaly is at risk of desertification.

Giant stinging jellyfish spotted off Rhodes

Scientists on Rhodes have confirmed that four nomad jellyfish, a large species that can cause very painful injuries to humans, have been found in waters around the Dodecanese island in the last 24 hours.

Omens not boding well after 2023 record heat

With extreme weather and climate change-related natural disasters, 2023 was the warmest year ever recorded since meteorological data started being systematically recorded. Although a documented forecast cannot be made, the likelihood that 2024 will be among the five to 10 warmest since the mid-19th century is heightened by the elevated temperatures in the first two […]