The financial system will not collapse

The global financial system will not collapse from the turbulence caused by the demise of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and the problems facing Credit Suisse, as governments and the relevant international institutions have learned from the past; however, there will be further problems in the markets, as high inflation makes […]

PASOK chief chides ND, SYRIZA for past failures

PASOK will only help ruling New Democracy or main opposition SYRIZA form a government in the event of an inconclusive election result if it has a strong enough voice to pass its policy priorities and the potential coalition can agree on a leader who can express the “necessary political change,” socialist […]

Privacy agency ‘can’t be silent observer’

At the center of the wiretapping case and with both sides of the political system trying to weaponize him, the chairman of the Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE), Christos Rammos, has been walking a careful tightrope.

Turkey’s stance towards Finland, Sweden weakens NATO

In order for Congress to green-light Turkey’s request to buy or upgrade F-16s, many of the irritants in the US-Turkish relationship will likely need to be resolved first says James Risch, the Republican ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, clarifying that the administration has not notified Congress yet about […]

Greece missed chance to turn to green power

Greece missed an opportunity to decouple its electricity generation from lignite mining using German investments in photovoltaics due to domestic resistance, Germany’s former energy minister and chief of staff in Angela Merkel’s Chancellery, Peter Altmaier, has told Kathimerini, referring to a mammoth photovoltaics project named Helios promoted in 2012 that was […]

Erdogan keeping the army close with Aegean tension

Brinkmanship over the Aegean is something the Turkish military particularly likes and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan desperately needs the army, says Sinan Ciddi, a Turkish-born, British-educated associate professor of national security studies at the Marine Corps University.

Building defenses for cyberwarfare

For Brad Smith, president and vice chair of Microsoft, the war in Ukraine is like the Spanish Civil War. It was then that aircraft were used for the first time in conjunction with the army and tanks to create a new technological approach to warfare.

West should not be seeking Russia’s ‘demise’

The Russian-born historian and Wilson E. Schmidt Distinguished Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Sergey Radchenko calls on the West to set limits on the escalation of the war in Ukraine. Speaking to Kathimerini, he describes the danger of a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia as […]

Getting a strategic ally on the ‘faithful path’

The complex puzzle of the Greek crisis, which had not only a significant economic dimension, but an important geopolitical one as well, is analyzed by Jack Lew, US Treasury secretary (2013-17) in the Obama administration, in this interview with Kathimerini.

How Russia spreads its influence in Europe

In Russian intelligence slang, it is called “kompromat.” A kompromat is any sensitive personal data that can be used as a means of influence and blackmail.

US envoy: Greece to help Europe overcome energy crisis

Greece’s timely efforts to diversify its energy mix is making it an important country in Europe’s efforts to wean off Russian fossil fuels, US Ambassador to Greece, George Tsunis, told state-run news agency AMNA in an interview published Wednesday.

Chris Van Hollen: Turkey an ‘unfaithful’ ally

Turkey is an unfaithful ally in NATO and that is why it was removed from the F-35 fighter jet program, says Senator Chris Van Hollen, a member of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, in an interview with Kathimerini.

‘Russian invasion is historical experience’

The Slovak President visited Athens on Tuesday as the political crisis gripping her country peaked, after the four-party coalition government of Premier Eduard Heger lost its parliamentary majority, following the resignation of ministers from the center-right Freedom and Solidarity (SaS).

Turkey plays ‘dangerous game,’ like ‘a bully’

David Harris, the CEO of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), is particularly critical of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an interview with Kathimerini, stressing that he “is playing a dangerous game throughout the region.

Greek Muslim MP: I will not be blackmailed

A recent decision by the so-called “Advisory Committee for the Turkish Minority in Western Thrace” to expel two of its most popular members reveals the role and clout within the bowels of the Muslim minority of Thrace of extra-institutional mechanisms that act on the orders of the Turkish Consulate in Komotini.