Covid hospitalizations, intubations and deaths rise

Hospitalizations, intubations and deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 over the week of October 9-15 were up compared to the previous week, according to the weekly report by the National Public Health Organisation (EODY), published on Thursday.

EU watchdog: Not enough safeguards on pandemic recovery fund

Insufficient checks and safeguards on how EU member countries spend a massive aid program designed to help them bounce back from the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are creating possibilities for fraud and mismanagement, the bloc’s financial watchdog warned on Wednesday.

Heavy toll on businesses during 2020

The cost of the first year of the coronavirus pandemic was heavy in terms of the turnover of the largest sectors of economic activity, but also employment, especially salaried labor, as stems from the comparison of the data from the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) in 2019 and 2020.

Cyprus lifts Covid-related restrictions

All Covid-related measures and travel restrictions at the Republic of Cyprus’ ports and airports will be lifted as of Wednesday, June 1, the island’s Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos announced on Friday, after a cabinet meeting in Nicosia that approved the suggestion by his ministry.

Nicosia close to ending all Covid restrictions

The Cypriot government is “very close” to ending all coronavirus restrictions according to the health minister, who says hospitalizations were down significantly in the last couple of days.

Cafes and tavernas strike over pandemic restrictions

Many districts of Athens and Thessaloniki appeared desolate on Tuesday, as did other parts of the country, with a record number of restaurants and cafes shutting the doors to protest against the government’s announcement of restrictive measures for the unvaccinated.

Untested private sector workers face fine

Private sector employees who have not had a Covid-19 vaccination and have to be present at their workplace face a fine of 300 euros if they come to work without a recent negative PCR or rapid test result, according to a new joint ministerial decision published in the Government Gazette.

Greece to mobilize private doctors

The Greek government has decided to draft doctors from the private sector to help public hospitals cope with the burden of escalating virus cases.

Four crucial weeks to push virus back

The whole country, and especially the Athens region, will stand on a razor’s edge for the next three or four weeks, as the viral load remains very high and the health system is overburdened, with no way to predict when the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic will start ebbing.

Explosive new rise in number of Covid cases

The third wave of the coronavirus pandemic ramped the number of daily cases up to 3,215 on Tuesday, in what was a record figure for this year, approaching those seen at the peak of the previous wave.