Two arrested over Thessaloniki hooligan attack

Two men, aged 23 and 24, suspected of participating in the hooligan attack that occurred late Monday night in the area of Nea Michaniona in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, were arrested by the police on Tuesday.

New suspect arrested in officer’s death probe

One more person was arrested on Thursday in connection with the criminal organization believed by Greek authorities to be behind the fatal wounding of 31-year-old policeman Giorgos Lyngeridis outside a volleyball stadium in Piraeus last December.

Flare the Square | Athens | May 18

Join the Ministry of Concrete and This is Athens-City Festival for Flare the Square, a thrilling skateboarding celebration in downtown Kotzia Square.

Inner workings of hooligans revealed

The case file put together by the police Sub-Division for the Prevention of Sports Violence against the participants in the incidents that led to the death of 31-year-old policeman Giorgos Lyngeridis outside a volleyball stadium in Athens last December has shed light on the way the Olympiakos club hooligans orchestrated the attack, the internal hierarchy of Gate 7 organized fans and their relationship with the management of the team.

67 hooligans charged with 28 offences

A prosecutor has charged 67 Olympiakos club hooligans, arrested on Monday for their involvement in the fatal injury of the riot policeman Giorgos Lygeridis, with 28 charges, including 12 felonies.

Dozens arrested in hooliganism crackdown

Dozens of hooligans were arrested in a police operation during the early hours of Monday. The arrests are part of an effort to crack down on sports violence, prompted by the fatal injury of a police officer during fan riots in Athens in December.

No digital wallet? No soccer stadium entry

A total of 105,237 citizens have downloaded the Wallet on their mobile phones over the last 30 days, which will be mandatory in soccer grounds as of Tuesday, April 9.

Istanbul to host 2027 European Games

Istanbul has been unanimously chosen as the host for the fourth European Games in 2027, the European Olympic Committees (EOC) said Wednesday.