Bankruptcy applications, based on Law 4818/2021, are coming thick and fast from individuals with or without commercial activity, as they are unable to repay their debts to banks and insurance funds.

23.01.2023 / 15:57

The TaxiMe app, born in the laboratories of the University of Thessaly, offers integrated “door-to-door” combined transport services, based on the grouping of travel demand.

18.01.2023 / 15:48

Greece has taken giant leaps in recent years in the bid to abolish paper in the public sector and the notorious inconveniences it created in transactions between citizens and state services.

18.01.2023 / 14:01

How many years will it be before seaplanes start flying in Greece? The answer is difficult. Since 2009 for all governments the return of amphibious aircraft, which can shrink the time needed to travel from Patra to Ioannina to about half an hour, has been a priority.

10.01.2023 / 18:37

Passenger traffic this year at the Athens airport, which last year handled 22.7 million travelers, is expected to exceed the performance of 2019. That figure was up significantly, by 98.3%, compared to 2021, but still was 11.1% short of 2019.dele

02.01.2023 / 22:27

Information technology mergers and acquisitions did not show the same intensity in terms of value in 2022 compared to other years.

26.12.2022 / 14:58

Lamda Hellix, also known as Digital Realty Hellas since its 2020 acquisition by US firm Digital Realty, is building and planning new enterprise data centers in the Athens suburb of Koropi.

21.12.2022 / 12:14

The publication of corporate sustainability reports has the potential of being a particularly profitable business activity, as demonstrated by two young Greek civil engineers.

19.12.2022 / 18:44

The technological infrastructure of 120,000 buildings across the country will get an upgrade through the Smart Readiness program, which will offer subsidies of 148.4 million euros and its guide is expected to be published by the end of the month.

28.11.2022 / 14:19

A few years ago a relatively simple process, adding, for example, a new activity to a freelancer’s formal work scope required the involvement of at least 10 different employees.

17.11.2022 / 17:16

Eurocontrol data show the continued recovery of Greek air transport, as local airports had 7.7% more flights last month than a year earlier, led by Athens Airport, and by Aegean Airlines, which has the lion’s share in the Greek market.

16.11.2022 / 17:40

The upcoming entry of National Bank of Greece into the share capital of information technology Epsilon Net constitutes another strong indication of the momentum of the digital sector.

16.11.2022 / 11:47

The gaming industry has managed to cover all the ground lost during the pandemic, the figures by the Hellenic Gaming Supervision and Control Committee (EEEP) show for the first nine months of this year.

01.11.2022 / 15:46

Greece may not yet have dramatically improved its position in critical indicators such as global competitiveness, but in 2021 it managed to attract the most foreign direct investment (FDI) since 2011.