18.02.2021 / 17:18

Greece’s first school of astrophysics, launched on Crete recently to operate virtually from March to May, is the passion project of Vassilis Charmandaris.

13.02.2021 / 09:57

Greece will be hit by a low pressure system, named Medea by the Athens Astronomical Observatory, which is expected to bring snowfall, even at low altitudes, from the central region of Thessaly southward.

09.01.2021 / 20:09

At a time when mass testing for the novel coronavirus is becoming extremely important for controlling the pandemic, a Greek research team has created a formidable “pocket lab” that can accurately detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus on the spot, anywhere in the world, in less than 30 minutes. 

21.11.2020 / 18:12

Amateur fishermen are protesting against the ban on recreational fishing during the lockdown period, claiming there is no specific prohibition in the relevant regulations.

11.10.2020 / 19:33

The lockdown that was imposed earlier this year to curb the spread of the coronavirus had a significantly negative impact on the mental health and social behavior of children and adolescents, Kathimerini understands.

21.09.2020 / 11:16

Nearly four in 10 Greek adolescents have tried alcohol before the age of 15 while 6.8 percent had their first taste before their 10th birthday, according to the findings of a new study. 

30.08.2020 / 11:08

An alien species of fish has been recorded in Greek seas, according to the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. The Cheilodipterus novemstriatus (the Indian Ocean twospot cardinalfish) was spotted several times during August.

14.07.2020 / 09:40

The government’s plan to contain the coronavirus to the greatest possible extent while keeping alive the country’s crucial tourism season foresees a gradual lifting of bans on flights from certain higher-risk countries alongside new measures to avert the spread of the virus, such as a ban on summer festivals.

28.06.2020 / 14:37

The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary is a pioneering initiative which is expected to serve multiple important functions on the eastern Aegean island of Leipsoi. From treatment for sick and injured sea creatures to advanced scientific and environmental research, the sanctuary will also apply best practices.