04.01.2024 / 21:54

Experts are calling for the implementation of a comprehensive water policy and the creation of a central body for the management of water resources, under a National Sustainable Management Plan, as is the case in other European countries.

23.12.2023 / 16:41

An intriguing and unique European research initiative, supervised by Greek experts, seeks to develop approaches and methodologies for assessing landscape quality in rural regions in order to safeguard it.

06.12.2023 / 11:05

The government’s intention to incorporate the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), the oldest and one of the largest research institutions in the country, into the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, by cutting it off from the General Secretariat of Research and Technology, where all research centers belong, is coming under fire from the research community. 

02.12.2023 / 19:20

Research toward integrating robots into daily life is being developed by Greek labs and startups. Instead of static industrial robots, which have been operating for years in major industrial countries, research has shifted to so-called collaborative robots.

08.11.2023 / 16:40

The number of fires in recent days may not seem a whole lot when compared to August, but the fact they are taking place in November is unusual.  There were 39 agroforestry fires on Monday, 30 the day before and 55 on Saturday. The fires didn’t get very large, but that doesn’t mean that strong […]

09.10.2023 / 13:55

Thessaly is responsible for 81,000 hectares of the 250,000 hectares of cotton grown in Greece and the destruction wrought by storms Daniel and Elias in September was significant, according to the foremost cotton expert at the Hellenic Agricultural Organization (ELGO).

10.08.2023 / 13:45

Home renovation debris and assorted rubbish including toilet bowls, old sofas and broken TVs are piling up on Mount Aegaleo on the outskirts of Athens, endangering the sparse remaining greenery and also increasing the risk of wildfires.

03.08.2023 / 11:27

Not only did the blistering heat in July set forests and towns alight, it also markedly increased the temperature of coastal waters, giving rise to a phenomenon known as a marine heatwave. 

25.07.2023 / 23:14

Who lights the “fuse” that sparks wildfires and why? There are no easy explanations, as the Fire Service’s investigators have not discovered the cause of most wildfires in Greece.

09.07.2023 / 17:24

Despite the fact that Greece experienced a relatively mild June, the high temperatures recorded internationally and in Europe are raising concerns. “When the whole planet is warming up, sooner or later the circulation of systems will change and the warm air masses will reach Greece. There can be no complacency,” Kostas Lagouvardos, director of research […]