Teacher appointments for next year draw objections


Most of the 11,700 appointments for the next school year will be made in primary education, as announced on Monday by the Education Ministry to the chagrin of the elementary school teachers’ union, DOE, which is complaining that the distribution is not based on needs but on the effort to strike a balance among federations.

Of these appointments, 53% are in primary education and 47% in secondary education. 

DOE Secretary Stavros Petrakis told Kathimerini on Monday, “The distribution seems to have been made with the aim of maintaining the balance between the federations” rather than department needs.

Meanwhile, the ministry removed a provision from a bill that would have allowed the appointment of private education teachers as school principals, and to other executive posts.

It was opposed by the private teachers’ federation (OIELE), which said appointments would not be meritocratic but based on party affiliation.