A dark chapter of Greek history

I am often asked by American literary friends why modern Greece has produced so many more great poets than prose writers, noting that the country’s two Nobel laureates, Giorgos Seferis and Odysseas Elytis, both wrote poetry rather than fiction.

Greek monastery manuscripts tell new story of Ottoman rule

A church bell sounds, the staccato thudding of mallet on plank summons monks to afternoon prayers, deep voices are raised in communal chant. And high in the great tower of Pantokrator Monastery, a metal library door swings open.

Les Arts Florissants | Athens | October 2

Renowned harpsichordist and conductor William Christie leads Les Arts Florissants in a show that combines music, dance and theater, in an anthology of emblematic works by Moliere.

Online presentation of CENSUS website of modern Greek literature

An international project that facilitates access to Greek literature for speakers of English by providing references to all English-language translations of modern Greek literature and to all studies in English that relate to modern Greek literature will be presented at an online event on Tuesday, April 5.

Maureen Howard, novelist who traced women’s challenges, dies at 91

Maureen Howard, who first drew wide attention in 1965 with her novel “Bridgeport Bus,” which came to be regarded as a precursor to second-wave feminism, and went on to write ambitious, well-regarded books for 45 more years, died Sunday in the New York City borough of Manhattan. She was 91.

2006 Nobel laureate Pamuk probed for insulting leader

The Swedish Academy that chooses the Nobel Laureates in Literature said Monday it was following the case against Turkish Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk, who is under investigation for allegedly insulting modern Turkey’s founder in his latest novel.

Marie Wilcox, who saved her native language from extinction, dies at 87

For many years, Marie Wilcox was the guardian of the Wukchumni language, one of several Indigenous languages that were once common in Central California but have either disappeared or nearly disappeared. She was the only person for a time who could speak it fluently.