Third stationmaster released on bail

A full-time stationmaster working for Hellenic Railways (OSE) was released on conditions on Tuesday after testifying about his role in the Tempe railway disaster on February 28 that claimed 57 lives.

From card-carriers to technocrats

After the tragedy in Tempe, when two trains collided head-on, it is clear that the main issue of the pre-election period will not be economic policy, the coronavirus and the jump in prices due to the war in Ukraine.

Government, SYRIZA cross swords over train systems

The telecommand system of the railway network at Larissa station in northern Greece was the focus, to a large extent, of the confrontation between ruling New Democracy and main opposition SYRIZA in Monday’s marathon session of Parliament’s Institutions and Transparency Committee. The meeting was held in the wake of the February 28 train disaster and […]

‘Franchises’ and politics

We all have our concerns. The people of this country have their own huge concerns about what they will wake up to next. Then you read and hear that some people have their own great anxiety about whether the next Parliament will include a member from this or that political family

Ex-transport ministers appear before parliamentary committee

The parliament’s Institutions and Transparency Committee on Monday summoned three former ministers of infrastructure and transport – Kostas A. Karamanlis, Christos Spritzis and Michalis Chrysochoidis – as well as the minister of state, responsible for infrastructure and transport issues, Giorgos Gerapetritis, to discus delays in the implementation of Contract 717 for the automatic operation and signalling of the railway network.

Trying to lure back disaffected voters

All opinion polls published since the rail tragedy at Tempe, on the last night of February, that left 57 dead and exposed the shoddiness of the country’s rail infrastructure and operations, concur that the ruling conservative New Democracy party, although still in the lead, has lost significant ground.

Reform, rebuilding and Tempe

The public’s anger and outrage caused by the horrific train collision in northern Greece and the subsequent revelations about its causes are the dominant story shaping the election campaigning. The deadly accident is a defining moment that has turned a more or less predictable confrontation between the parties – with the more or less usual […]

Why I joined the demonstrations spurred by the rail disaster

Because although taking to the streets to express your grief, your anger and your questions may not bring back the young faces you saw in the published photos, at least in that way you feel that you mourn them as if they were all our children.

Farmer killed in wall collapse in Crete

A farmer, 71, in the southern island of Crete has died after a wall collapsed in an old building used as a storage facility and buried him in rubble, authorities said.

Thousands walk off the job to protest deadly train crash

Thousands of Greek workers walked off the job on Thursday and rallied in central Athens to protest failures of safety standards they claim helped cause the country’s deadliest train crash, which killed 57 people on Feb. 28.

Hellenic Train to pay families of rail crash victims, injured passengers

Hellenic Train, whose train crashed in a head-on collision with a freighter on Feb. 28, killing 57 people on board, announced on Wednesday it will make advance payments to the families of the victims and to the passengers injured in the crash in Tempe, to cover their immediate financial needs.