Greece passes landmark marriage equality bill

Niko Efstathiou, an Athens-based journalist and author who has reported extensively on the marriage equality bill, joins Thanos Davelis to look at Greece’s approval of the landmark bill, and the ripple effects it is having beyond the country’s borders.

‘Gay’ storyline in Alexander the Great Netflix series based on historical context

Following the release of Netflix’s new production about Alexander the Great, posts on social media said the entertainment company fabricated a same-sex storyline for the ancient Greek ruler. But the posts are missing the context that sexual fluidity was the norm in Ancient Greece, according to historians, who say it is likely Alexander had relationships with men.

Same-sex couples race to wed after historic vote

Only hours after the Greek Parliament passed a bill on marriage equality on Thursday night, the first marriage notice of a same-sex couple, comprising two male partners from the Nea Smyrni suburb of Athens, was published in the Ta Nea newspaper on Friday.

Marriage equality bill has ripple effects outside Greece

After a two-day parliamentary debate that began on Valentine’s Day, and following an occasionally fired-up political discussion that lasted for months, Greece has finally approved a landmark bill that legalizes same-sex marriage and grants adoption rights to same-sex couples.

House approves same-sex marriage bill

Greece’s 300-member Parliament approved the bill granting same-sex couples equal rights in marriage in a roll call vote on Thursday night. The reform extends full parental rights to gay couples but will not allow for medically assisted reproduction through a surrogate.

SYRIZA to approve ‘incomplete’ same-sex marriage bill

Greece’s main opposition party SYRIZA said it will vote in favor of a government bill allowing same-sex couples to marry, noting however that the legislation is “incomplete”.  “SYRIZA’s parliamentary group has been ready for a long time to take this step,” spokesman Sokratis Famellos told the government and wondered if the Conservatives are equally ready, […]