Global warming causing Caretta turtles to lay eggs sooner

The discovery of a Caretta caretta nest on May 10 in Lagana Bay, on the island of Zakynthos, has confirmed predictions that climate change has brought the turtles’ nesting season forward, the sea turtle protection society Archelon has said.

Forty-seven wild animals found poisoned in Evros

A record number of animals, most of them wild, were found dead in the northeastern border region of Evros, a local environmental group said on Tuesday, adding that their death was the result of poisoned baits.

Wind parks approved in charred area

The Eastern Macedonia-Thrace region has approved two new wind parks, with a single mill each, in a place ravaged by Greece’s biggest wildfire, in the Evros district, last August.

Rhodes’ unsung heroes are its future

Armed with smartphones, their own cars and the occasional shovel, Gen Zers and Millennials raced to forests, villages and businesses in an effort to protect, save and support the island of Rhodes.

Copernicus says 3,472 hectares burnt in west Attica so far

The EU’s Copernicus/Emergency Management Service – Mapping service found that the ongoing wildfires in west Attica that started from the settlement of Kouvaras have destroyed 3,472 hectares, of which 164 were built-up areas, houses, businesses, farms etc. 

Two major blazes burn west of Athens

Two major wildfires were burning west of Athens for a second day in a row Tuesday, burning dozens of houses, animals and threatening an oil refinery late at night, authorities said.

Copernicus system activated to map burned areas

Copernicus, the EU’s Earth observation program, has been activated for the immediate mapping of the areas in Eastern Attica, Western Attica, Viotia and Corinth (Loutraki) that has been burned in wildfires since Monday.