Possible alternatives to animal testing

In 1937, an American drug company introduced an elixir to treat strep throat – and unwittingly set off a public health disaster. The product, which had not been tested in humans or animals, contained a solvent that turned out to be toxic. More than 100 people died.

Is lab-produced meat the future?

Many scientists tout the benefits of laboratory-produced meat, predicting a bright future, even claiming that humans will no longer eat slaughtered animals a century from now.

Death ‘according to protocol’

They are our closest relative, sharing 98.6% of our DNA. They use similar gestures to us (they hug and kiss) and have similar behavior (discipline and social structure) and emotions (sadness, joy and pain).

Amended animal care bill put to House vote

After an acrimonious public consultation, the bill on animal welfare that will be put to a vote in Parliament this week provides incentives for owners to neuter their pets but does not make it mandatory as stated in the original draft.

Pet law put to public consultation

New legislation on pet ownership and the rights of stray animals that has been put to public consultation seeks to make animal abuse a felony and to introduce a more comprehensive supervisory framework.