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Six in 10 oppose use of Macedonia in FYROM name

Six in 10 Greeks oppose the use of the word Macedonia in a composite name for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), according to a new opinion poll while seven in 10 believe the delay in resolving the dispute between Greece and FYROM regarding the latter’s official name is harmful for Greece.

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Judges say rumors aimed at pressuring them

The Council of State’s general assembly issued a statement on Friday saying that recent public revelations concerning the private life of a high-ranking court official were aimed at exerting pressure on judges who are scheduled to decide on several high-profile issues in the next few weeks.


Bomb alert in central Athens a hoax

An anonymous phone call early on Friday, warning that a bomb had been placed at the Deposits and Loans Fund located on Academias Street in central Athens, turned out to be a hoax.



Witness identifies alleged attackers at Golden Dawn trial

An Egyptian fisherman who was assaulted by suspected members of Golden Dawn in Piraeus in June 2012 identified two defendants in the trial of members and supporters of the far-right party as participants in the attack Tuesday. In his testimony, Ahmed Abu Hamad, pointed out Anastasios Pantazis and Dimitris Agriogiannis, claiming that they were involved in the assault on him and compatriots. According to his testimony, during the attack, Pantazis was shouting out, "Come outside and let me show you what Golden Dawn is." [Eurokinissi]