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Case of Turkish ‘eight’ a hot potato for Athens

The case of the eight Turkish soldiers who are seeking political asylum in Greece is becoming an increasingly thorny issue for Athens as Ankara is insisting on their extradition and the maximum period for their detention is to expire next month.

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Pensioners planning string of protests

Pensioners have organized a series of rallies across Greece to protest ongoing cuts that have seen their pensions shrink to as much as half of what they were getting before the onset of the crisis.




Junta anniversary marked at anti-dictatorship museum

Two men watch the president of Greece’s association of prisoners and exiles of the 1967-74 military junta (SFEA), Costas Mantaios, deliver an address on Saturday, on the 51st anniversary of the coup. Mantaios was speaking from the balcony of the Museum of Anti-Dictatorial and Democratic Resistance in Athens, located in a building used by the colonels’ regime for interrogations. ‘The tragic consequences of the criminal coup of April 21, 1967, remain indelibly etched on our historical memory,’ Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said in a statement marking the anniversary. [Simela Pantzartzi/ANA-MPA]