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Turkish observers recalled from Greek islands

The return to Turkey of seven Turkish “observers” who had been stationed on Aegean islands to observe the return of migrants to Turkey, in line with Ankara’s agreement with the European Union, will not disrupt the enforcement of the deal, Turkish diplomatic sources have told Kathimerini.

NEWS Politics

IMF rapped for failures

The International Monetary Fund failed to demand debt relief as part of Greece’s initial bailout in 2010 even though many of its officials believed this was crucial for the program’s success, according to an internal probe into the IMF’s handling of European bailouts published Thursday, which found that the Fund bent its own rules and gave in to political pressure.



From swimming the Aegean to the Rio Olympics

Swimmers on the Olympic refugee team Rami Anis (r) and Yusra Mardini talk after practice at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium ahead of the Rio Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday. Both athletes made the treacherous journey across the Aegean Sea to Greece on rubber boats to flee war-torn Syria. [Charlie Riedel/AP]