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Tsipras fights purist obstacle

Seeking a lifeline for his government, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been at pains to link the conclusion of the second review of the country’s third bailout to discussions on debt relief, which, he believes, will allow his administration to offset the fallout from the drive to privatize state assets and the harsh measures to come in the winter.

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Athens transit sinks deeper into red

The combined effects of burgeoning fare-dodging, the government’s decision to abolish charges for using public transport when the banks were closed for three weeks ahead of the introduction of capital controls last summer, and the debts of ministries and state services to the public transport companies have brought the system that allows millions of residents and visitors to get around the Greek capital every day to its knees.
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Tsipras pledges support for paraplegics

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday met with representatives of the Greek Association of Paraplegics who have been protesting government plans to reduce their monthly disability benefits and pensions.



Migrant riot at Lesvos camp damages asylum offices

Firefighters walk next to three burned prefabricated cabins, used as offices by asylum officials, at the Moria camp for refugees and migrants, on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, Monday. Greek police said that dozens of residents in an island camp for refugees and other migrants set fire Monday to part of the facility that handles asylum applications, during a protest over delays in the asylum process. [AP]