MPs ratify contentious TV license bill with narrow majority

Coalition partners SYRIZA and Independent Greeks, with the support of independent lawmaker Nikos Nikolopoulos, garnered a slim majority of 154 votes in the 300-seat House Friday to ratify a contentious bill concerning television licensing regulations.

NEWS Health

Hospital staff demand withdrawal of ambulance amendment

The Panhellenic Federation of State Hospital Employees on Friday demanded the withdrawal of an amendment submitted to the House on Thursday stipulating that firefighters and local authority workers with necessary qualifications could be authorized to drive health centers’ ambulances.

NEWS Crime

Man, 64, arrested for hacking bank account

A 64-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly hacking into another man’s foreign bank account and attempting to transfer 29,700 euros from the victim’s account into an account in Greece.

NEWS Environment

Burned plant still toxic, say activists

More than eight months after a large fire broke out at a recycling plant in Aspropyrgos, southwest of Athens, spewing toxic fumes into the atmosphere, community activists claim that the site is unguarded and being used as an illegal dump for dangerous materials.


Fines set to rain down on drivers

Officials from the Finance and Transport ministries hope to have cross-checked registers to root out drivers whose vehicles haven’t passed the roadworthiness test, who are uninsured or have not paid their road tax by the end of February.

NEWS Protest

Protesting farmers drive tractors through Athens

More than a dozen tractors rolled through Athens on Friday, honking horns and flashing lights outside parliament as thousands of Greek farmers thronged the capital's main Syntagma Square to protest tax hikes and pension reforms.



Tensions mount as protesting farmers reach Athens

Greek riot police fired tear gas at farmers protesting against pension reform plans on Friday as they hurled stones at the Agriculture Ministry in central Athens ahead of a major demonstration outside parliament scheduled for later in the day. Farmers who arrived by ferry from the island of Crete earlier in the day rallied outside the ministry building, throwing tomatoes as tension escalated when police prevented them from staging a symbolic occupation of the ministry. Other protesting farmers from southern Greece were massing at a highway toll station near Corinth, with some vowing to drive tractors to Athens despite a government ban. [Combined reports]