I have to admit that as I headed to the Museum of Cycladic Art for a tour of “Antiquarianism and Philhellenism,” I suspected I would most probably get bored at the sight of golden table clocks and oil paintings depicting rebellious men in frilly white foustanellas.


On the 200th anniversary of Greece’s War of Independence against Ottoman rule, the Society for the Preservation of the Greek Heritage (SPGH) is launching a series of virtual events exploring a modern meaning of Greek identity, starting with a webinar-style panel discussion on history on Saturday, April 24, at 12 p.m. (EDT). 


Philippe Auguin is by no means new to the Greek National Opera. Before taking up the invitation to conduct Umberto Giordano’s “Andrea Chénier,” the French maestro had worked with the company on “Tannhäuser” in 2009, “Nabucco” in 2018, “La Sonnambula” in 2019 and “Don Carlos” in 2020.

The American and Greek flags fly on either side of a bust of Demetrios Ypsilantis, which stands in front of the Ypsilanti Water Tower in the Michigan town named after the Greek general. The tower is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. [Dwight Burdette via Wikipedia]

It was with interest that I read US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt’s column in Kathimerini on January 18 on the 200-year anniversary of our War of Independence and the bonds between the US and Greece.

Members of the Presidential Guard raise the Greek flag atop the Acropolis, with the Parthenon temple in the background, on March 25. The flag was raised that day during a special ceremony that was part of nationwide celebrations – adjusted due to the pandemic – marking the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution against Ottoman rule. [Petros Giannakouris/Pool via AP]

Greece is celebrating its bicentennial – at least it is if we begin calculations from the beginning of the revolution. The country’s course so far has been adventurous, and today’s Greece has very little in common with that of 1821.


The struggle at sea has always been tough and relentless. During my 35-year struggle, there were many times I was told I was not going to make it.


In March 1821, Venezuela entered the ninth year of its long battle for freedom. Greece, on the other side of the Western Hemisphere, rushed to raise the flag of the cross as a sign of its own revolution.

Greek Presidential Guards march during a military parade marking the 200th anniversary of the start of the Greek War of Independence, in Athens on March 25. The fight for democracy and freedom requires the vigilance of citizens and leaders to engage beyond the act of voting. [Kostas Tsironis/Pool via Reuters]

As we celebrate in 2021 the 200th anniversary of the uprising that led to Greek independence from more than 400 years of Ottoman rule, democracy, worldwide, remains under assault.


On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek War of Independence, Boston’s Greek-American community commemorated on Saturday two eminent Bostonians, Samuel Gridley Howe and Edward Everett, who helped the Greek cause.


Presidential Guards march during a military parade marking the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution attended by high-ranking officials and foreign dignitaries in Athens on Thursday.

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During the reopening of the National Gallery last Wednesday, the prime minister poignantly said: “The National Gallery has never been a simple depository for artistic creations”