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Shadows loom over government’s ‘clean exit’ scenario


Greece’s bailout exit has been eliciting condescending and bitter commentary on the country’s beaches and in its near-deserted cities, as few Greeks believes their lives are going to improve or that the country’s prospects will be akin to those of other bailed-out eurozone states. Greece’s “return to normalcy” and “clean exit,” much touted by the government, appear to be happening somewhere else.

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Tax scam under investigation


Greece’s Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) is reportedly planning to send thousands of notices to taxpayers who amended their initial tax declarations and managed to either significantly reduce their due tax or to secure large tax refunds due to suspicion of widespread tax fraud.



Archaeological sites at risk from climate change


In 2007 a massive wildfire threatened Ancient Olympia (pictured), the birthplace of the Olympic Games in the Peloponnese, but was halted before it could cause any serious damage. Experts warn that man-made climate change, which is raising temperatures and increasing the risk of wildfires and abnormal flooding, could result in structural damage and accelerate the physical and chemical erosion of monuments. Scientists are currently working on methods to identify and evaluate the risks a monument may face and the data will later be shared on an online platform. [Reuters]