Use of debit and credit cards soars in July


While the government’s previous plans to boost the use of credit and debit cards may not have been carried out, the introduction of capital controls did nevertheless lead to a surge in the use of plastic money in the last few weeks. Within just one month the number of users soared by 1 million, while the monthly average of new cards issued before the banks closed had stood at just 100,000.


Most blue chips rebound, while bank stocks crumble

The prospect of a new bailout agreement (including a new recapitalization for banks – that will devalue existing shares in the sector) resulted in most blue chips and other stocks enjoying their first gains on Tuesday after the bourse reopened on Monday, and in banks recording another limit down.



Now healed, Raphael the sea turtle is released

Volunteerswith the Archelon society for the protection of sea turtles celebrate on the Ionian island of Zakynthos on Monday, August 3, after the release of Raphael, a male loggerhead turtle who was found badly injured last year. Raphael was rescued on August 18, 2014, when he was found with injuries to his head and shell, possibly from a boat propeller. The 71-centimeter, 46-kilogram turtle has been cared for by Archelon and was released at Crystal beach, a protected loggerhead nesting site.