BUSINESS Energy The Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) announced its ownership structure as of Monday: Silchester International Investors owns 12.94 percent and the state owns 51.1 percent. On Wednesday the State Grid Corporation of China signed the contract for the acquisition of 24 percent of ADMIE.

ADMIE cash must reach RES producers


The 622 million euros that Public Power Corporation (PPC) has collected from the sale of the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) will not remain in its coffers for long, since its total obligations to suppliers, contractors, market entities and others exceed 1.8 billion euros.


Small change to capital controls


The government is considering the introduction of a monthly limit – instead of the existing biweekly one – for cash withdrawals at 1,800 euros in the context of a partial relaxation of capital controls, spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Thursday.


ATHEX: Two-tier stock market slides

Trading on the Greek bourse produced mixed results on Thursday, with banks and a number of other stocks sliding while other blue chips such as Aegean, OTE and Motor Oil led the majority of stocks higher.



Municipal sanitation workers clash with police outside Parliament

Municipal sanitation workers on short term contracts clashed with police outside Parliament on Thursday after the government failed to offer them reassurances regarding their job security. The union representing local authority workers, POE-OTA, staged a 24-hour strike Thursday to draw attention to its demands as tons of garbage piles up on city streets amid staff shortages. During a rally, protesters vandalized the metal shutters blocking the entrance of the Interior Ministry, set fire to piles of garbage next to dumpsters and tried to barge into Parliament but were pushed back by police. [EPA]