Cosco to increase container volume at Piraeus

China’s biggest shipping company, Cosco Shipping, plans to ramp up container volume at Greece’s biggest port in Piraeus by 35 percent by 2018, the port’s new managing director, Fu Cheng Qiu, told Reuters on Thursday.

BUSINESS Finance Kathimerini understands that it was IKA’s debt to EOPYY, and the latter’s pressure for at least a partial repayment, that pushed the IKA administration to request a minimum of 200 million euros from AKAGE’s relatively small coffers, which contain around 400 million euros.

Social security system is crumbling


The governing board of the Social Security Foundation (IKA) on Thursday rejected the management’s request for money from the Social Security Capital for the Solidarity of Generations (AKAGE) for pensions for the rest of this year.



Human remains found in ancient wreck

Two divers from a team investigating a Roman-era shipwreck off the southwestern Aegean island of Antikythera are seen in a photograph released by the Greek Ministry of Culture on Monday. The team from the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, working with the US-based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, discovered parts of a human skeleton in the wreck during an expedition that took place from August 28 to September 14. Scientists will examine the remains to determine their age and gender.