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Jeffrey Sachs to give lecture at Cyprus Institute

World-renowned professor of economics Jeffrey Sachs is in Cyprus to deliver the 2019 Hubert Curien Memorial Lecture at the Cyprus Institute. The lecture starts at 6.30 p.m. and live streaming will be available on the Cyprus Institute’s YouTube channel. The title of the lecture is “Eudaimonia in the 21st Century: Looking to Aristotle for New Solutions.”

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Thessaloniki doc fest unveils full lineup

In a press conference Monday, organizers of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival unveiled the full lineup of the 10-day cinematic event which returns for a 21st year on March 1 with its customary mix of art and grit. 

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Lanthimos's 'The Favourite' earns 7 BAFTA Awards

Yorgos Lanthimos's tragicomic royal drama "The Favourite" and Mexican family memoir "Roma" split the honors with multiple wins each at Sunday's British Academy Film Awards – victories that suggest a wind of change may be blowing through the movie industry.



Supermoon rises over the Parthenon


The moon rises over the Parthenon on the ancient Acropolis Hill in Athens, Greece, Tuesday. Tuesday’s full moon, or supermoon, appears brighter and bigger than other full moons because it is close to its perigee, which is the closest point in its orbit to Earth. [Petros Giannakouris/AP]