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Thessaloniki Jewish Museum launches new wing


The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki opened in 2001 with the aim of telling the story and preserving the memory of the northern port city’s Jews with exhibits including heirlooms and testaments to their presence.

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London event to explore the timeless allure of the Minoans

The enduring influence of the Minoan civilization on fashion, food, music and art is the subject of a high-level event at the Museum of London on Tuesday, November 5, which has been dedicated to Sophia Kokosalaki, the 47-year-old fashion designer of Cretan heritage who died earlier this month.



Downpour wreaks damage


Heavy rainfall wreaked damage across much of the country on Wednesday, particularly in western Greece and on Crete, where a makeshift road linking the port of Hania to the village of Alikianos collapsed. On Corfu, a downpour led to roads flooding, with the fire service receiving dozens of calls to clear fallen trees and pump out flooded stores and homes. Heavy rain also caused landslides in several areas while power cuts and water supply problems were reported in many parts. [Intime News]