Intensifying checks


There is a real danger of the coronavirus spreading even further. The government needs to take more measures to curb the spread before it is too late. 

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What would Greece gain from dialogue with Turkey?


The dialogue process, I hasten to stress, is something different to a negotiation, and is not only perfectly acceptable in international relations, but is also the process of choice on the part of the international community.


Meaningful reform


Τhe Environment Ministry’s recommendation for setting construction limits on certain islands is excellent. It may come at a price, politically, but in the medium term it will boost the value of land and make those islands more sustainable and attractive.


Solid foundations


Greece expects to receive a significant amount of support in grants and loans from the European Union’s coronavirus recovery fund. 

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The Erimitis debate


My tweet about the development at Erimitis in Corfu seems to have offended many in Athens. That was never my intention, and for that I unreservedly apologize.

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The practical terms of morality


If Greeks more than anyone else in the world believe that faith in God is required to be moral and we also come first in the Western world in the importance we attach to religion, then why do we refuse to do what is necessary to contain the pandemic?

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Wrong priorities


Greece is probably the only country that is constantly dealing with its pensioners. This single issue appears to be consuming the attention of the system – meaning the political class, the media, the judiciary (to a very large extent), unionists of all political hues, experts and pundits, thousands of agents in the public and private sectors and, of course, the pensioners themselves.



Antique vehicles get royal treatment


Ten vehicles that once belonged to Greece’s former royal family have been transferred to a new storage area to undergo further maintenance. The eight cars and two electric tricycles had recently undergone restoration work by a team of conservators from the Culture Ministry to remove built-up dirt and dust after a long period of immobility on the premises of the former royal estate at Tatoi in northern Athens. The antiques, aged between 55 and 82 years, are considered exceptional examples of luxury cars of the 20th century and have historic significance as they are associated both with members of the former royal family and international personalities, as well as important moments in modern Greek history. Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said the new storage area provides the necessary conditions that will allow an assessment of their state of preservation and for the continuation of the necessary work. “The Maintenance Department will continue the detailed documentation of their maintenance status, and will investigate the construction materials, their peculiarities for corrosion, their further protection and promotion,” she said. [Culture Ministry]