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A vision for tomorrow’s Greece


The situation Greece finds itself in is particularly tough as it comes in the wake of a deep, decade-long crisis that impacted the economy, politics and society. Nevertheless, there is a ray of hope for the country, a chance at opportunity.


Healthcare after Covid-19


The government has gone to great lengths to support the extraordinary needs of the national healthcare system since the emergence of the coronavirus crisis in Greece last month.

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Tests of leadership


Only real life can test if a politician really has what it takes to lead a nation. Six months after he was elected prime minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis was called upon to tackle two major crises: the first one was the exploitation of migrants and refugees by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan; the second was the coronavirus outbreak.


Fair solution


Expanding a measure to reduce the rent that all businesses affected by the new coronavirus and their employees have to pay is a necessary instrument that will provide relief during this period of intense pressure.

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Lessons from the Ebola outbreak


Around five years ago, Ebola was regarded as a potential threat to global health, yet even though the lethal virus claimed nearly 12,000 lives, it was restricted mainly to West Africa, where it started. One of the reasons why it did not spread beyond that part of the world was the coordinated efforts of European and American politicians and scientists.


Front-heavy pledges


Greece’s leftist opposition is calling for growth-minded, or what is sometimes described as “front-heavy,” measures to support the economy amid the coronavirus outbreak. 



Litany on Mount Athos against Covid-19


Orthodox monks carry the holy icon of Axion Esti during a litany against the coronavirus pandemic, in Karyes, at the monastic community of Mount Athos, in northern Greece, on Wednesday. According to measures imposed by the government to stem the spread of the virus, religious services for all faiths may be carried out behind closed doors by a single religious representative and no more than three assistants. Services may be broadcast live on television, radio and the internet. [EPA]