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The heart of the average voter


Could Donald Trump be reelected president of the United States despite everything that has already been revealed about him as well as potential revelations in the future? The answer, shocking as it may sound to some people, is that he may well be elected to a second term.


Hung out to dry


Again and again we keep seeing the government adopt measures that push the Greek public education system further away from international standards.


Damaged trust


Every time that Greek government officials get the chance to speak to foreign investors, they unfortunately realize the extent of the damage caused by the coalition’s foot-dragging and the occasional wars it declares on certain major – if not emblematic – investment projects that the country so desperately needs to get back on its feet. 


Unbridgeable chasm


A governing coalition where the two partner parties are as deeply split over a key foreign policy issue as SYRIZA and Independent Greeks are right now is not something you see very often. The desire to stay in power as long as possible is perfectly clear, but this game the pair are playing around the name deal with Skopje is hard to believe.



German corvette crosses Corinth Canal


A Braunschweig class corvette F260 is towed through the Corinth Canal, which separates the Peloponnese from mainland Greece, Monday. The international maritime exercise NAIAS was conducted in the Aegean Sea from September 14 to 22 with the participation of Greece, the US, Egypt, Albania, Romania and vessels of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2. [ANA-MPA]