Opposition at a crossroads

Greece’s conservative New Democracy party has a very important part to play right now. The country needs a strong opposition that is in tune with developments, so it would be a very big mistake for this big center-right party to enter a period of navel-gazing at this juncture.


Reforming education

This country has had bitter experiences with successive governments making repeated reforms to the national education system that eventually prove to be misguided and ineffective in practice.


Costly arguments

The director of Greece’s Public Power Corporation (PPC), Manolis Panayiotakis, has written a letter addressed to the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (ESEE) to complain about the debts the electric power company is owed.


A region in flux

The events in Greece’s neighborhood in the past few months, centered on the upheaval in Turkey, point not just to the instability but also the complete fluidity that is prevailing in international relations.