Out of synch with Europe


Greece may feel like it’s got serious problems, but Europe is facing some major dilemmas right now as the future of the union is at stake on multiple fronts, despite calls for solidarity and cohesion from the European Council.


Building trust takes work

Trust is one of those things that are easy to lose and hard to win back. This is a fundamental principle that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had best remember as he meets today with the leaders of other political parties.


No a la carte consensus

Kathimerini has always backed the need for national understanding when it comes to the big issues. Consensus, however, can only be achieved on a solid basis.


Good diplomacy

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s visit to Israel signals that the Greek political system seems to be maturing on issues of foreign policy, which for decades had been overshadowed by concerns that were guided more by emotion and fixations than logic.

COMMENT Diplomacy

A volatile situation


An “accident” was bound to happen at some point and the way that the United States and the European Union have been acting toward Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan led directly to on Tuesday’s incident, when the Turks shot down a Russian fighter jet.



Weather throws up another obstacle

Strong showers and chilly gale-force winds threw up yet another obstacle for thousands of migrants and refugees trying to cross Greece's northern border into the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The bottleneck started growing after Skopje barred entry to people it defines as “economic migrants” who are not eligible for asylum, in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. Hundreds of Iranian, Kurdish, Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants have been trapped at the Greek border town of Idomeni for days, with some sewing their mouths shut in protest at the restrictions.