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Lifting the obstacles


Greece is weighed down by some very specific problems that make getting back on its feet that much harder. Its huge debt is one problem, of course, but there are other, inherent shortcomings that add to the strain.


Stifling our creative forces

The pauperization of what used to be Greece’s middle class continues at a fast pace. Exorbitant taxes and social security contributions are suffocating citizens.


Same old mistakes

The Imia crisis that brought Greece and Turkey to the brink of war in 1996 over a cluster of uninhabited islets in the eastern Aegean made it more than clear that whoever is in government in Athens should try to avoid any serious friction with Ankara.


It’s not all about us

Greeks often give the impression we’re living in an artificial world of our own. Too many of us fail to see that countries which have lent us money have lower pensions than us, or that they have to borrow at higher interest rates.


Where’s the willpower?

Tolerance of violence and general lawbreaking behavior will always and inevitably lead to an escalation of both.



Stranded migratory birds treated to a ready meal

Members of hunters’ and gamekeepers’ associations empty bags of corn to feed flocks of migratory birds at the wetland of Nea Kios on the shores of Argolic Gulf near Nafplio, in the northern Peloponnese, over the weekend. Many migratory birds have taken refuge in wetlands in southern parts of Greece because of freezing conditions in the north of the country. The Environment Ministry last week banned hunting until January 18 to protect endangered species from poachers amid reports of a spike in illegal hunting around the country. [ANA-MPA]