Full light on Noor 1 case

The Noor 1 heroin smuggling affair, which made headlines in June 2014, has ignited a fair share of controversy among the Greek public.

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A changing world


Last year, the phrase “I’m off to get a passport” became a joke shared among many who felt that the choices of the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks coalition were leading the country to disaster. 


Another blow to the poor

The announcements made by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras regarding the so-called “new welfare state” on Wednesday do not make up for the losses that have been suffered by citizens on the lower end of the pension scale following the complete or partial cut of the special EKAS benefit.


Destined to fail

The coalition government’s initiative regarding changes to the country’s Constitution proved to be well below expectations.


Turkey, Greece and the West


Turkey is in the grips of an extremely complex crisis. For starters, it’s extremely difficult to figure out what exactly happened and what is currently at stake. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, in the dark.



From swimming the Aegean to the Rio Olympics

Swimmers on the Olympic refugee team Rami Anis (r) and Yusra Mardini talk after practice at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium ahead of the Rio Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday. Both athletes made the treacherous journey across the Aegean Sea to Greece on rubber boats to flee war-torn Syria. [Charlie Riedel/AP]