Lost revenues


The introduction of electronic tickets for specific museums and archaeological sites around the country is good news indeed. 


A dangerous game


The message sent on Wednesday by Eurogroup President Mario Centeno to Greece regarding what its strategy should be once it emerges from its third international bailout on August 20 could not have been clearer: Reforms must continue, even in the post-bailout era. 

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Paying its NATO dues


In the aftermath of discussions around which countries are and are not paying their dues to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), or which have failed to pay their fair share, one thing is clear: Greece is among the biggest spenders (as a proportion of GDP), second only to the United States. 

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A total laggard


In his final interview as Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble had said that Greece needed the bailout agreements not only to contain its deficits but also to streamline its public administration. 


Lacking protection


When thousands of patient files are piled up on the balcony of an Athens hospital under sheets of plastic, it is very hard to talk about personal data protection.


A curse instead of a boon


There was a time when it was a good thing for the older generation to work hard to leave something – property or money – to their children. For many Greeks today, however, real estate has become a curse.



Port traffic for the islands picks up


Travelers at Piraeus port, south of Athens, line up to board a vessel heading for island destinations across the Aegean Sea. With the traditional August holiday period approaching and another heat wave forecast over the next few days, an increasing number of Athenians who can afford it are hopping on ships from Piraeus and Rafina to head for the beaches of the Greek islands. As of Sunday, temperatures are expected to soar close to or above 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) in certain parts of the country. [Sotiris Dimitropoulos/Eurokinissi]