Central bank independence

The independence of the Bank of Greece is crucial. For the last two years it has been under attack from those who resist transparency and strict governance and long for the days when the political establishment ruled the banking system. 


When anarchy runs its course


The appeal by police officers from West Attica to be relieved of duty around the Polytechnic so that they can help the residents of their flooded district is the most human confirmation that our country’s priorities are seriously warped. 


An affront to history

Sadness is really the only thing you can feel when looking at the sorry state of the building which today houses the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), what used to be the Athens Polytechnic, in the city center.

COMMENT Politics

A critical mass


There is a certain type of voter that has become rare and increasingly frustrated. These people used to make up a small but critical mass that decided political developments.


Alarm bells

The situation on the islands of the eastern Aegean has reached a critical point again in regard to the refugee crisis, as the number of people arriving on their shores from the coast of Turkey have spiked over the past few months.

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Two winners, two losers


Giorgos Kaminis and Stavros Theodorakis saw their political ambitions go up in smoke on Sunday night following the first round of the vote to elect a new leader for a party that still has no name, no manifesto, no clear ideology, and no concrete strategy about who it will follow and who it will leave behind.


The sadism of the unions

Hundreds of thousands of citizens are being inconvenienced by the frequent strike action disrupting Athens metro services with no end in sight to the stoppages.




Clashes mar anniversary of student uprising

A petrol bomb explodes among riot policemen during clashes with self-styled anarchists Friday that followed a rally in Athens marking the 44th anniversary of a student uprising against Greece’s military dictatorship. Some 10,000 people attended the march, which was peaceful though anarchists later broke away from the crowd and clashed with police. A total of 7,000 police officers were deployed amid fears that clashes would escalate due to a sit-in by anarchists at the National Technical University of Athens (formerly the Polytechnic). [Reuters]