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A proposed name for a modern language


One of the features of the Prespes agreement (a remarkable document, because both sides had been willing to accept some things that they would have fought bitterly against in the past) was that the language of the Republic of North Macedonia would be recognized as an official language, called “Macedonian.”

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Mandra, Mati and a culture of cynicism


What does an “absentee” state machine mean for a country? The two reports from prosecutors investigating the deadly fire in eastern Attica last summer and the floods in Mandra, western Attica, in November 2017, serve as a scathing condemnation of Greece’s political leadership and public administration.


Boomerang effect


The government spokesman had a point when he warned that turning the private lives of politicians – including any mistakes they have made or crimes committed – into a major political issue is like a meat grinder and indiscriminate in what it destroys.


The Procrustean method


It was certainly not a surprise. Nevertheless, aggregated data from Greeks’ income tax declarations provide undeniable evidence of the Procrustean policy mix that was implemented in Greece in recent years. 


A serious threat


The problem of the nonperforming loans burdening Greek banks is nothing new. The fact that it remains unresolved so close to the next general election can be attributed to the dilatory tactics of a government that has been reluctant to bear the political cost of what would basically be a viable economic reform, one that would only bring benefits. 

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Making things difficult for ourselves


The situation at the new land registry offices in the inner Athens suburb of Galatsi in recent days is an absolute shame. It is a shambles and once again demonstrates that the Greek state has no respect whatsoever for its citizens and zero interest in dealing with their problems. 

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Mistrust has grown


The agreement between Greece’s leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Archbishop Ieronymos was a dead letter even before the latter acknowledged the deal was at a “dead end.”



Grenade thrown at Russian consulate in Greece; no injuries


Forensic experts search the area outside the Russian consulate in Athens, Friday. Police say a bomb disposal squad has been sent to the Russian consulate in Athens after cameras showed a suspicious object believed to be a hand grenade being thrown over the perimeter fence overnight. [Thanassis Stavrakis/AP]