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Failures and successes


It is ironic that in politics a smart move can coincide with a failed one. Starting with the second, the government’s admission, by the prime minister himself, that it was actually not prepared to deal with the refugee crisis, leaves an unpleasant taste.


Inconsistency as a virtue


The Greek government is correcting its economic planning by rewarding salaried employment, which includes a category of taxpayers that had been neglected in its first batch of tax relief measures that were adopted last year.

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A president for all Greeks


The decision by Alexis Tsipras and Fofi Gennimata to endorse Katerina Sakellaropoulou for the position of president of the Republic guarantees that the senior judge will be elected with a comfortable majority to the highest position of state in the first vote to be held in Parliament six days from now.

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Democracy is our strength


Maybe it is because we are so accustomed to division and dysfunction that whenever a Greek does well abroad, or whenever our politicians, state machinery or institutions get something right, we break free of our malaise and are overwhelmed by joy and optimism.


Evidence of maturity


Above all, the broad consensus among Greece’s political parties on the nomination of the country’s next president marks a win for the political system.


Unity and regrouping


The prime minister’s nomination of top judge Katerina Sakellaropoulou to become Greece’s next president is undoubtedly a historic step forward for the country.

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The challenges to Greek security and the role of the National Security Council


A country which lies in a difficult neighborhood, with a rather poor tradition in crisis management and faced with a demographic crisis, tough economic obligations, chronic failures of the state apparatus, a dysfunctional educational system and a problematic mind-set in multiple areas, has few chances of achieving prosperity or even of surviving unless it introduces the necessary reforms and adjustments to meet the demands of the time.



Tsitsipas in quest for glory on the big stage


Next Gen star Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece takes part in an Australian Open practice session at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday, ahead of his first-round clash with Salvatore Caruso Monday. The 21-year-old reached the semifinals at Melbourne Park last year after stunning Roger Federer in the fourth round. “[I am] really looking forward to this new challenge that I have in front of me, to show something,” Tsitsipas told ATP Tour ahead of the match, among reports he was struggling with a lung issue after practicing in smoky conditions caused by Australia’s fires last week. [EPA]