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Train to nowhere


The image of Greek government officials standing in a freshly delivered yet motionless metro car during yet another “unveiling” of the still under-construction subway system in the northern port city of Thessaloniki is rich in political context.


ELAS encumbered


There is no need to look for intentions or lack thereof. One doesn’t need to espouse the charge that the government is displaying tolerance of the actions of certain groups.


A great leap back


We have learned to tolerate last-minute legislative amendments being slipped through Parliament as something of a pre-election tradition.


The danger of losing control


The perpetrators of the attacks that have taken place in the past few days in Athens are neither unknown nor numerous. What’s more, the targets of their attacks include some of the best-guarded buildings in the country, such as the residence of the US ambassador to Greece and the headquarters of the PASOK party in central Athens.

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The key differences between us and them


I passed by United States Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt’s residence on Thursday morning on my bicycle. The wall was already repainted when I returned. The official response, a tweet referring to “childish vandalism,” obscures the point, but the message of Rouvikonas isn’t obscure.

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SYRIZA and ND dealing with Turkey


During the last few weeks we have been witnessing the incremental execution by Turkey of a well thought-out strategic plan which aims to challenge the status quo in the Aegean and the East Mediterranean in a deliberate way.


State of stupor


The upcoming European Parliament, regional and local elections are important on many different levels. They are nevertheless not more significant than the escalating threats against the country’s national sovereignty.



The return of ancient Greek hairstyles


Young girls get elaborate hairdos based on ancient Greek styles during International Museum Day at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth in southern Greece on Saturday. The event, which drew the attention of Greek and foreign visitors alike, sought to pay tribute to Corinthian beauty as expressed through the elaborate hairstyles found on statues, busts and clay statuettes, as well as various head ornaments and styling instruments. International Museum Day is an annual celebration coordinated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). [ANA-MPA]