COMMENT Travel Through the eyes of a hiker, outgoing British Ambassador John Kittmer looks at the relationship between the landscapes and the narratives, through Lord Byron, the ancient Greek traveler Pausanias and the poet Yiannis Ritsos.

Walking in Greece


Outgoing British Ambassador to Greece John Kittmer recently gave a stirring farewell at the premises of the Benaki Museum in downtown Athens on the theme “Walking in Greece: Landscape/Narrative.” 


A significant statement

Greece’s European partners have finally realized just how dangerous Turkey’s verbal outbursts and revisionist aspirations really are.

COMMENT Politics Donald Trump might be the world’s opportunist-in-chief, but wherever we turn we see, to some or other extent, political leaders using whatever suits them to achieve their aim.

Ideology’s orphans


These days it is as if there are no ideas nor strategies, only the opportunistic use of images and phrases, accusations and fairy tales, whenever this serves the interests of the speaker.


Handle with care

Defending Greece’s national interests takes courage and determination, but also broad political consensus.


Between two worlds

Greece is part of the West and the First World. The country’s place in the world was decided by the people many decades ago.



Tsipras talks with Hollande at UNESCO meeting

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (left) meets with outgoing French President Francois Hollande (right) in Abu Dhabi, on Saturday, on the sidelines of UNESCO’s Safeguarding Cultural Heritage Conference. The two leaders agreed on the need for a technical-level agreement to wrap up Greece’s bailout review at Monday’s Eurogroup meeting, as well as on debt relief by the end of the year. Tsipras and Hollande also discussed Greek-Turkish relations and the refugee crisis. [Andrea Bonetti/Prime Minister's Office/ANA-MPA]