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Our Big Bang


The drama we are living through in Greece results from the collision of two massive forces – the inertia that gave birth to the crisis and the absence of policy when the crisis hit.

COMMENT Migration

Unity deficit


The request by Germany and Turkey for NATO involvement in the effort to stem the flow of refugees across the Aegean was expressed in a rather unorthodox manner.


All talk and no action

It is true that in Greece local media have been used by certain people as a means of pressure to secure business contracts with the state.

COMMENT Politics

A new chimera


Every time the going gets tough the same discussion begins all over again: “Maybe it’s not working out. Perhaps it would be better to take the money Schaeuble is giving us and return to the drachma.”


Digging a deeper hole

Leading international investors are losing faith in Greece and this is painfully evident at the Athens Stock Exchange.


Fiddling while Greece burns

The country again finds itself on a dangerous path. A large number of the militant protests that we see on our TV screens these days are inadmissible and threaten to lead the country to chaos.


The hollow alliance


Since the end of World War II, the trans-Atlantic partnership has been crucial for international security and the stability of the global economy.

COMMENT EU Migrants and refugees walk to cross the FYROM-Serbia border near the village of Tabanovce on February 4.

Europe at a crossroads


Europe appears to have been hit by one of those big crises that seem to strike once in every 50 or 60 years. It is not business as usual. Experienced observers can hear the distant rumbling of tectonic plates as they shift.



Rivals air corruption allegations during TV permits debate

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is seen talking with State Minister Nikos Pappas during a parliamentary debate on TV licenses late Thursday. Pappas accused New Democracy and PASOK of having allowed TV channels to operate "outside the boundaries of the law over the past 25 years" after criticism from conservative opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakakis that the government was killing the pluralism of the free market for its own political gain.