Fortress Reason


The mini-summit of states on the so-called Balkan migration route and the United Nations General Assembly both fell short of bringing about meaningful change regarding the universal problem of migration.


Useful conclusions

The recent developments regarding the country’s broadcasting licenses ended up following the same old well-worn path.


A game that’s bound to be lost

Any government trying to set up its own system of cronies and lobbies ends up caught in its own trap and paying a hefty political price for it.

COMMENT Religion

A noisy distraction


“The matter of the Church of Greece is one for the Greek people and not for a minister,” Archbishop Ieronymos, the head of the Church of Greece, wrote in a letter addressed to Greek Education Minister Nikos Filis.


Waging the wrong war

Archbishop Ieronymos, the head of the Church of Greece, is a shining example – and an exception – of reason and tranquillity in the country’s particularly toxic, current environment.

COMMENT Religion

Challenging times for the Church


Archbishop Ieronymos’s reaction to the government’s new program for religion studies in Greek schools – which he called “unacceptable and dangerous” – was expected and quite correct from the head of the Church of Greece, though perhaps late in coming, reactive rather than proactive and quite possibly ineffective.


A hopeful sign

The ratification by Parliament of a bill for the privatization of the former airport plot at Elliniko, on the southern coast of Athens, is a very positive development, and particularly so as it was backed by a significant majority of MPs.



Swimming across the Corinth canal

Participants in the “Swim the canal” race swim across the 6,346-meter long Corinth canal, near the city of Corinth, on Tuesday. [Valerie Gache/AFP]