The beast is still hungry


The Greek crisis, I’m afraid, will not be over any time soon. It will first swallow three or four prime ministers and some 10-15 percent of the country’s GDP before the nation can get back on track.


Double standards

In the years following the military dictatorship, also known here as the Metapolitefsi, the Greek left was cleansed of its sins.


Room for optimism

The choices made for the new appointments at the Economy and Finance ministries in Greece’s caretaker government  leave some room for optimism.


Voter manipulation


Statements that are not made in earnest, promises that are not intended to be kept, proclamations that are soon forgotten and, of course, accusations against rivals have become standard practice in pre-election campaigns, especially in Greece and particularly when those vying for power have also put their own political survival at stake – as is the case with Alexis Tsipras right now.


ND needs to shake off past

The leadership of New Democracy needs to show that it is serious about implementing much-needed reforms in its pre-election campaign.



Greece's caretaker cabinet sworn in ahead of early vote

Greece’s new caretaker government, led by the nation’s first female prime minister, was sworn in Friday as the country heads to early elections next month, the third time Greeks will go to the polls this year. Prime Minister Vassiliki Thanou, a top judge, and her cabinet will lead the country to elections on Sept. 20, following outgoing prime minister Alexis Tsipras’ resignation last week.