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Handling Turkey


As Greece’s relationship with Turkey appears increasingly precarious, the handling of the situation from the Greek side must be based on some basic parameters.

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A lingering crisis


The ongoing travails of the two Greek soldiers jailed in Turkey is a crisis. No self-respecting state can accept the fact that the pair are being kept in prison on a variety of different pretexts as a matter of routine.


The witch hunt is on


From the moment it first broke – and especially given the way it did so – we have been warning about the danger of the Novartis affair, with its allegations that the Swiss drugs manufacturer bribed Greek government officials, turning into a witch hunt. 


Allies must speak up


Ankara is making it abundantly clear that it considers the two Greek soldiers jailed earlier this month for accidentally crossing the Turkish border as pawns in a bargaining game.


A serious problem


Over the past couple of months, we in Greece have had almost daily reminders of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s willingness to cross the line of what is acceptable and what is not in international politics.



Iniochos readiness exercise taking place in Athens FIR


Four aircraft fly in formation Tuesday as part of the annual joint Iniochos exercise, involving activity across the Athens Flight Information Region. Members of the air forces of Greece, the USA, the UK, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus are taking part in the exercise, the aim of which is to boost the readiness of the air forces in the region. Speaking at the Andravida Air Base in the Peloponnese, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt referred to "an important multinational exercise... which reflects our vision of Greece as a builder of bridges, as a pillar of regional stability." [Ministry of Defense/ANA-MPA]