Keeping the memory alive

Thursday marked six years since the firebomb attack on a branch of Marfin Bank in central Athens that killed three people, including a pregnant woman.


Crisis avoidance

The threat of Turkey’s problems on the local level eventually spilling over into the Aegean region is very real right now, and that is why the current situation demands nothing less than highly responsible handling by the leadership of Greece.


Every word counts

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos is a knowledgeable and educated man. That said, he is no longer an academic or a university professor. In fact Pavlopoulos is nothing less than the head of state of Greece.

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Engaging democracy


These are perilous times for democracy. In Greece, despite two national elections and one referendum in less than nine months in 2015, nearly half the electorate shunned the ballot box.

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Greece’s perfect debt trap


The longer we spend in the hole the harder it is to get out. As long as the negotiations with the troika are not finished and the economy is starved of cash, as long as businesses cannot plan for the next day and citizens remain wary of returning cash to the banks, recovery becomes even more difficult.


In need of a positive shock

Things do not bode well for the much-beleaguered Greek economy as the effects of the capital controls that were imposed last summer become all the more evident and uncertainty surrounding the progress of talks between the government and the country’s international creditors take their toll on the market.



Victims of 2010 arson attack remembered

People lay flowers Thursday at the site of an arson attack in central Athens that left three bank employees, including one pregnant woman, dead six years ago. The fire broke out after arsonists attacked the brunch of Marfin Bank on Stadiou Avenue during an anti-austerity rally on May 5 in 2010. No one has been convicted of causing the fire. In 2013, three bank officials were given jail sentences of up to 10 years for failing to protect the lives of the staff during the attack. Their terms were suspended pending the outcome of an appeal.