No progress on corruption

A large part of the state revenues lost to undeclared and illegal products and imports concerns the fuel and tobacco (or tobacco products) trade, areas where corruption and crime are rife.


Moving beyond just promises

The government appears ready to take the necessary steps for the resumption two major – or emblematic, as they could be described – investment projects that have been mired in red tape.

COMMENT Politics

The German election


Germans head to the polls this Sunday in a dull and almost indifferent atmosphere that is a far cry from the emotions and tensions that characterized the Austrian, Dutch and French elections. Perhaps boredom is a side effect of stability. However, serious issues in the European Union have been left hanging.


Unhindered criminality

The situation with the Agia Zoni II tanker, which sank in the Saronic Gulf near the island of Salamina and spilled oil that has now reached all the way down to the beaches of southeastern Attica, is more complicated than it seems at a first glance.


City’s untreated injuries

Athens suffers from a lot of problems which have been allowed to fester and often gives the impression of a city in a sorry state of decline with its graffiti-marred walls, dirty sidewalks, smelly dumpsters and abandoned buildings left to ruin.



Greek islanders open their hearts to refugees

The tiny Greek island of Tilos may have a population of under 800. But, over the last year, it has become an example to the world after residents opened their hearts and businesses to 10 families from war-torn Syria. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and its partner Solidarity Now, with European Commission Funding support, have been providing accommodation and language classes to adults and children for almost a year. Many of the refugees – all of whom have been granted refugee status and have the right to work – say they want to stay, and for the islanders it has become an honor to host them. Here is a video by the agency on their stories. [Credit: UNHCR]