Debt and audacity

Greece has been weighed down for decades by a group of businesses that have become accustomed to living off handouts from the state. They’ve distorted the Greek political system by sucking up critical resources from important sectors.


Protecting tourism

Foreign tourist arrivals in Greece are expected to reach new heights this year. We need to be careful, however, because when it comes to such a precious commodity, the goal cannot always be just about increasing numbers.


Lay down the law

Many governments have announced control mechanisms in the past to stamp out illegal fuel smuggling. The current government has done the same, and done so with pomposity.

COMMENT Media Aristides Alafouzos (left) with the legendary editor of the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee, at Kathimerini’s offices in 2004.

Aristides Alafouzos and Kathimerini English Edition


Nine years after buying Kathimerini in 1988 and turning the floundering conservative broadsheet into a healthy business and a robust voice for the modernization of Greece’s economy and politics, Aristides Alafouzos was approached by the International Herald Tribune to forge a partnership that would combine the finest global and local journalism.



Municipal workers launch four-day strike

Municipal authority workers launched a four-day strike with a protest rally on Friday, in protest at fresh austerity measures and also in demand that employees on short-term contracts be granted permanency. The action is expected to affect every area of municipal services, including kindergartens and garbage collection, prompting authorities yesterday to urge citizens not to take out the trash for the duration of the strike. [Alexandros Vlachos/ANA-MPA]