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From Tirana to Skopje


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has funded the construction in a central Tirana park of a memorial commemorating “the martyrs of July 15,” a reference to the Turkish citizens who lost their lives in the failed coup of 2016.


Embarrassing reports


The news reports about Samothraki, the northern Aegean island which was disconnected from the mainland following the breakdown this month of two passenger ferries, did not come like a bolt from the blue.


Return to meritocracy


There is a glaring contradiction in the way the country’s political forces treat public administration: On the one hand, they denounce the appointment of inactive party officials to positions in the public administration.

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Unavoidable comparison


Elafonisos, Mount Hymettus, Evia: Within just a few days, three fires – with the latter being the most destructive – tested the adequacy, limits and endurance of the state apparatus, on issues ranging from firefighting to civil protection. 

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A new emerging alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean


Greece and Israel are two states in the Eastern Mediterranean, a region with many security challenges and fragile balances. The exploration of hydrocarbon reserves within the exclusive economic zones of Israel and Cyprus in recent years has created a new dynamic in the territory, while Greece is part of the bilateral and trilateral collaboration that has been deepened.

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Next 200 years will also be difficult


The first 200 years are the difficult ones, my friend Vasilis Papavasiliou says sarcastically whenever he gets the chance, referring to the approaching bicentennial of the start of the Greek War of Independence, leaving those listening to wonder about the precise meaning of his statement.


National effort


The future of the world economy is yet again becoming more precarious. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, appears to be heading for a recession, while at the same time political developments in Italy, where there is an increased likelihood that the coalition government could imploded, have triggered yet more insecurity.



Greek drama school for Chinese students


A group of Chinese students were introduced to the world of ancient Greek drama this summer, as between July 27 and August 4 the Peloponnesian town of Nafplio hosted the first Greek Educational Drama Summer School. Organized by the Study in Greece initiative, the Theater Studies Department of the University of the Peloponnese and the Athens-based Muse Academy, the project is the brainchild of Chinese dancer Miao Bin. “The Chinese people have a growing interest in the theatrical tradition of the West, which was born in Greece,” Bin said. The students staged an English-language performance of Aristophanes’s comedy “The Birds” before a Greek audience at Nafplio’s Trianon Theater on August 2.