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Debunk, don’t trivialize


There is one thing that is constant in the annual march marking the November 1973 student revolt against the junta: extra police measures. About 5,000 police officers were deployed in 2018 and around the same number will be on duty again this year. 


The will of the insured


A social security system that doesn’t take into account the will of the insured person at all is neither fair not effective. It is unfair and ineffective because its imbalance makes the evasion of social security contributions very attractive. 

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The contribution of Albanians


The contribution of Albanians and ethnic Greeks from Albania to the Greek economy is indisputable. The big migration wave of the 1990s revitalized almost all professions and remains a decisive factor in the country’s economic development. Greece gained capable blue-collar workers and laborers who, with their dedication and hard work, continue to contribute to the country and create wealth.


Proper consultation


This time the debate on the tax bill is not taking place in a ceremonial fashion – simply because public consultation is required by law.

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Venice and the global threat


As floodwaters in Saint Mark’s Square are no longer a novelty, and knowing that, in any case, Venice has a problem as it was built in a lagoon, most of us probably did not understand the severity of the danger posed by this week’s flooding of the city that once reigned over much of the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Unrepentant until the end


It has been more than six years since Pavlos Fyssas was murdered and the government of Antonis Samaras decided to open a criminal investigation into the criminal activities of Golden Dawn. The trial of dozens of defendants, including all of the party’s officials who were elected as MPs in 2012, began in April 2015 and is at long last coming to an end with the testimony of its leader Nikos Michaloliakos.


The November 17 anniversary test


The upcoming anniversary of the 1973 student uprising at the Athens Polytechnic on November 17 is a test for everyone. The government will obviously be judged on its operational management.



Greeks mark 1973 student revolt


A man stands next to the remains of a metal gate crumpled by a military tank in a 1973 pro-democracy student uprising, in the courtyard of the National Technical University of Athens, known as the Athens Polytechnic, on Saturday. Thousands of people are expected to take part in a march to the US embassy in Athens on Sunday, to mark the 46th anniversary of a student uprising against the then ruling military regime. [AP]