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Not much of a mea culpa


“There are people who are like I was once. Who made more than 40,000 euros, more than 50,000 euros, more than 60,000. People like me, wearing ties and pocket squares. We didn’t pay enough. It was the salaried workers who pulled the cart."


Setting boundaries

Mobilization, rallying and protest action should under no circumstances cross the line, no matter where it is coming from, no matter who is governing the country. Right now, the situation in Greece is in danger of spiraling out of control.


Dangerous talk

The threat that Greece may be kicked out of the eurozone needs to be taken off the negotiating table once and for all. In its current fragile condition, the Greek economy has little chance of getting back on its feet when this threat keeps being bandied around by European officials who want to turn up the heat on the government.


Better late than never

The management of the refugee and migrant crisis in Greece ought to have been assigned to the competent authorities right from the start.

COMMENT Migration

Where are our principles?


When neo-Nazis are seen heading out in force on a new kind of safari, hunting down and assaulting refugees and migrants, preferably young Africans, in Sweden, a country regarded as a paradigm of prosperity and openness, Europe has a duty to have a good think about what it represents.


Just in time?

It’s high time the government looked seriously at ways to tackle the huge refugee and migrant crisis that is testing the country. Sure, this is an unprecedented phenomenon and an enormous challenge for everybody.



Farmers protest in Thessaloniki

Greek farmers park their tractors to block a road in front of the White Tower, during a protest in Thessaloniki, north Greece,on Friday. Greek farmers protest against the government's proposed tax and pension.