Greek judges order extradition to Cyprus of businessman

TAGS: Justice

A council of appeals court judges on Tuesday ordered the extradition to Cyprus of Greek businessman Michalis Zolotas in connection with an alleged bribe paid to former Cyprus Central Bank governor Christodoulos Christodoulou.

Zolotas is said to be connected to businessman Andreas Vgenopoulos, who died of a heart attack in Athens on Saturday. The company, Focus Maritime, is believed to have acted as a front to pay a bribe to Christodoulou so the central banker would not challenge Vgenopoulos’s acquisition of a controlling stake in Cyprus’s Popular (Laiki) Bank through his Marfin Investment Group.

Zolotas turned himself in to authorities following a European arrest warrant that was issued after he failed to turn up in court in Nicosia. He has appealed the decision for his extradition at the Supreme Court.